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Do you want to become a fashion model?

Are you an aspiring model looking to break through in the competitive fashion industry? Look no further than EyeMedia Studios, your gateway to launching a successful modeling career. With our expert team of photographers and cutting-edge facilities, we are dedicated to capturing your unique essence and helping you stand out from the crowd.

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Take Control Of Your Modeling Career

At EyeMedia Studios, we understand that it can be challenging for aspiring models to differentiate themselves in today’s saturated marketplace. That’s why we are committed to capturing each client’s unique essence and personality through high-quality modern images that truly set them apart from the crowd.

Don’t let your portfolio hold you back any longer—take control of your modeling career today! Embrace what sets you apart from the rest and let EyeMedia Studios capture it beautifully through our lens.

Why choose EyeMedia Studios for your modeling portfolio needs? Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Tailored Experience: Our team recognizes that each aspiring model has different goals and aspirations. That’s why we offer a personalized approach where we work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life through our lenses.

2. Diverse Range of Photo Shoots: Whether it’s corporate headshots, personal branding images, or creative editorial shots – our expertise knows no bounds. We have successfully catered to clients from various industries and can adapt our style accordingly.

3. High-Quality Images: We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch photographs that showcase not only your outer beauty but also capture the essence of who you truly are. Our state-of-the-art equipment coupled with experienced photographers ensures incredible results every time.

4. Speedy Delivery: In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious. At EyeMedia Studios, we value efficiency without compromising quality. You can expect prompt delivery of your edited photos within a short turnaround time so that you can start building connections and grabbing opportunities sooner rather than later.

One road block many aspiring models face is struggling to have a portfolio that stands out from the crowd while authentically reflecting who they are as individuals.

At EyeMedia Studios, they recognize this challenge and offer tailored experiences designed explicitly around your unique brand identity.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help transform and elevate your modeling career with customized high-quality photography services tailored just for you.

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Tips on having a great Professional Portfolio

What is a model portfolio?

In the model industry, model portfolios are a collection of photos that any professional model needs in their book to get work. Whether you decide to physically carry it around or show it online, the quality of your portfolio photos is what truly matters.


How to package your model portfolio

In the world of portfolio design, it is best to present your work in a professional manner. This will convey professionalism in your work. You can do this by using a model portfolio case that looks and feels professional.


The correct size of your model portfolio

According to a plethora of industry models, professional photographers, and agents from various agencies that I’ve talked to, a 10×12 inch photo is the preferred size for a model’s portfolio. It will fit nicely in 9.5×12.5 inch sleeves.


The theme for your model portfolio book

 A model’s portfolio isn’t just a collection of photos. In order to stand out, a model needs to showcase many looks, the types of jobs he or she has taken part in, and his or her abilities to adapt to different styles of modelling. It’s not enough for a model to show different outfits in the portfolio.


The variety of your portfolio images

To ensure the variety and individuality of each image within your range, work with different professional photographers, hair-and-makeup artists, stylists, and designers.



When presenting your model portfolio, stay true to your photos. Give answers when asked, but do not feel obligated. You can explain where the image was taken and who you worked with however briefly.


How many portfolios should you have?

You can start or keep maintaining a single copy of your model portfolio, which you can bring and show around. You might eventually feel the need to create duplicates so you can circulate your book to more people.


The number of pictures you should have

The number of pictures in a photo book largely depends on the number of great shots that you have. It could probably be anywhere from 8 to 10 photographs and maybe even 20 shots or more.


How to organize your model portfolio?

The sequence of presenting photographs should be done in a simple order. Your book begins with a clean and well-lit image of the head and shoulders. You should never consider taking an image outside the studio.


The consistency of your pictures

Different sizes and types of photographs are not a good look for a model portfolio. Images should appear consistent. The same dimensions, the same style, the same everything. Inconsistent images can make a portfolio look unattractive.


Updating your model portfolio

Not only is it important to have a good model portfolio, but it’s also important to keep it updated and relevant. A model portfolio that looks dated can prevent brands from reaching potential customers. If every so often you replace old photos with new ones, your model portfolio will be fresh, new and exciting.


Best Advice For People Starting Out

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In today’s competitive business world, it’s essential to stand out! Whether you’re a small business owner or an established entrepreneur, personal branding photography can help you create a lasting impression.

At EyeMedia Studios in London, our experienced and skilled photographer specializes in providing professional personal brand photography for individuals and businesses.

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What is Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is a fast-paced world. It mostly focuses on portraiture, poses, extensive lighting, beautiful locations and clothing. Fashion images are a marketing tool used to entice people into purchasing products that they may or may not want or need. Fashion images aim to show clothing in the best possible light, and at its roots, it is based on psychological desires for the product. Fashion images are how we formulate a look and style.

Professional photographers use various methods of photography to create beautiful photos and tell stories that inspire their audiences to purchase designer goods. But not all fashion is the high-end stuff. Simply flip through the pages of your favourite magazine or look at any advertisement, and you’ll see everyday people wearing everyday clothes, and yes, those are fashion photos too.

Different types of photography

Fashion has three main styles: editorial, high-fashion, and street. There is a newer fourth type that is gaining prominence called catalogue photography. Editorial and advertising photography share a similar style but are easily distinguishable, while it’s difficult to tell street style from high fashion model shoot due to their extensive similarities.

Editorial Photography

Editorial photography is different from an advertisement. The purpose is to tell a complete story in the pages of a magazine about a model photography London is going through her everyday life while wearing designer clothing.

In fashion, the type of models photography shoots used depends on what the publication or designer is looking for. While a professional photographer may specialize in a certain type of photography, brands and publications seek them out based on a photo shoot’s needs.

Fashion magazines typically feature this style of photography. The styling takes centre stage in most cases. In many instances, there are some serious stories running through the shoots. The models are often photographed throughout the course of the day, beginning with early-morning wardrobes and mid-day outfits, and finally into evening wear.

High-End Photography

Big fashion brands often use photo shoots featuring supermodels, famous actors, and actresses to advertise their products. These advertisements feature a style that is unattainable for the average person.

High-end photography often features stylish, over-the-top poses that are outrageous. All elements for London photo models, wardrobe, styling, hair/makeup, lighting, and location work together to create a flawless image. No matter how crazy the poses or stylized the over-the-top outfits, you can still grab your customer’s attention with an incredible composition. Stylization means taking every element of the composition and ensuring that it conveys your brand message. The location, makeup, and hair should all be considered carefully to maximize impact.

Catalog Photography

Catalogue photos are fashion people’s photos. The purpose of catalogue images is to show the clothing in everyday wear in a neutral way. This style of photography is used by companies that print their ads to market their products to consumers. The photo shows the model wearing the clothes clearly, against a background chosen by the photographer. All the photos are taken in a studio or another location that the photographer has deemed ideal.

Model Photography Studio London

Our model photographic studio London services help small brands tell their story with a professional model photo shoot.

Other Types Of Photography Used In The Industry
Advertising Photography

A new trend in advertising is the use of high-quality images that stand out from the crowd. Advertising photography for brands has grown in popularity for the sake of outdoor and exclusive advertising. It can include only one picture of a model dressed up in a particular outfit. Big brands do this kind of photography for hoardings, billboards, and other places where they can catch consumers’ eyes.

Runway Photography

It isn’t considered runway photography because it’s more like a photo reporter documenting an event. In runway photography, you don’t have complete control over the lighting or the setting, or what the models wear. Photographers must hone their skills to capture these various elements when taking pictures for runway shows. As runway photography can include photographs that are atmospheric, as well as full-length clothing shots, three-quarter crops, and details of accessories.

Street photography

Street photography has become one of the most sought-after genres today. This is because it’s extremely relatable and showcases what typical people wear, how they see the fashion style, and how their regular clothes make their very own style statement.

Sometimes the photo shoot is done outside the studio, and it revolves around normal things like walking down the street with shopping bags or wearing the latest fashions. Photography of this kind highlights trends in the everyday life.

Look Book Fashion Shoots

With the rise of digital style platforms, the Look Book is a type of photography that combines the style and movement of traditional model portfolio catalogues with editorial. It encompasses a model dressed in fashionable clothing selected for a particular brand. The Look Book is used as the brand’s e-commerce platform to showcase its clothing line.

Alternate Photography

Nowadays, old-fashioned styles of alternate photography are back in style thanks to Alternate Fashion. This genre of alternate photography photo shoot uses independent models and photographers who are looking to recreate the styles of decades past using modern mixed techniques. The style is clear and detailed. It appears in mainstream magazines, which also serve as catalogues for jewellery, makeup and lipstick brands.

Perfect Model Portfolio
Professional Photographer

Are you a luxury fashion brand looking to promote your product or need a professional photographer to shoot models for magazines or online content? There are many options out there, but they can be expensive. Our photography team is comprised of experienced professionals, ready to guide you every step of the way.

What to expect from a professional model photo shoot 

We provide numerous looks for a professional model portfolio shoot. No matter which styles you prefer, we promise to match your requirements. With an extensive wardrobe of models’ fashion clothes, you can select the most suitable apparel. You are also welcome to bring your own pieces for further styling.

Our fashion photographer will also give you posing and styling guidance on the day. A good fashion photographer gives you the best possible chance of success in the fashion industry, provided that you have the potential. Professional fashion stylists might also be present.

Hair and make up artists

Professional hair and makeup artists are a vital part of any model’s team. They help create the perfect look for their clients, from hair and makeup to wardrobe. Here, we look at some of the most popular professional make up artists and what makes them so unique. We also showcase some of their recent work, so you can see how good they are at their job!
In addition, we’ve included tips on getting the most out of your hair and makeup artist so that you can look your best every time.

  1. Gisele Bundchen – One of the most successful models in history, Gisele is well-known for her beautiful hair and make up. Her team relies heavily on professional hair and make up artists to help create a look that perfectly suits her clients. Recent work has seen her wear glamorous hairstyles like the voluminous updo, pairing it with flawless makeup that maximizes her features.
  2. Heidi Klum – Another model is known for her striking hair and makeup. Her trademark voluminous locks are always styled perfectly, while her makeup is flattering and age-appropriate – perfect for all skin tones. Heidi Klum’s team features professional makeup artists who help create the perfect look for her clients.
  3. Gigi Hadid – Another model known for her striking hairstyles, Gigi Hadid’s team of professional hair stylists help create a beautiful look that suits her clients perfectly. Her distinctive features, like her big eyes and kissable lips, are emphasized with a flattering makeup style that always looks natural.
  4. Charlize Theron – One of the most versatile and successful actors in Hollywood history, Charlize Theron’s team of professional hair and makeup artists help to create a stylish and timeless look. Her delicate features are accentuated with glamorous hairstyles and stunning makeup that flawlessly captures her natural beauty.
  5. Sienna Miller – Another model who relies on professional hair stylists to help her look her best, Sienna Miller often opts for glamourous hairstyles and stunning makeup that perfectly matches her runway looks. Her team features experts in both hair and makeup who work together to create a unique and beautiful look for each of Sienna’s clients.