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We just don't take pictures, we create art.beautiful imagery.dreams.

Let your pictures paint a story, with high calibre imagery for your website, social profiles or personal use. Our creative professionals work on all types of imagery from personal to commercial work with extremely fast turnaround times.

Types of photo shoots we provide

Portrait Photography

Our professional portraits can help individuals and businesses

Commercial Photography

Our commercial photo shoots are great for brands and companies

Product Photography

Our product photo shoots can help your brand tell a story

Quality Services

Our photography services & core values

We understand the bespoke nature of every shoot yet there are some constants you can rely on when working with EyeMedia Studios. We guarantee to include a senior lifestyle/fashion photographer, top of the range camera, studio space and equipment. 

Different types of photo shoots

If you decide that you or your business needs to have professional photo shoots done, then you need to determine which type of photo shoot will convey the right message.

All About The Different Types Of Photo Shoots

If you decide that you or your business needs to have professional photo shoots done, then you need to determine which type of shoot your company needs.  Many multimedia studios will provide their clients with a range of different types of photo shoots to ensure they get what they need.  Some of the photo shoots will be product-orientated while others will be portrait style shoots. 

Endless Possibilities: Product Photo Shoots

If you sell products, you might need to have high-quality shots of your items.  A product shoot will give you an outline shot of your product on a white or similar background.  This gives you a picture which is clean and can be used for online purposes, trade shows, print ads and much more.  For these shoots, there will be a single photographer and no stylists.

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Types of Product Shoots

Professional Studios

Many people assume that photography is a point-and-click system, but there is much more to it.  Context and staging are critical for product shoots because it shines a new light on the products.  Many photography studios will have design experts who can show you the ropes.

Customer Retention

One of the best steps is to have high-quality product photography as it will increase the overall appearance of the website.  Having high-quality images will help your potential customers envision the product.  This could make the difference between making a sale or losing the potential customer.

There are a number of different types of portrait shots that you could choose from and have a mix of them is ideal.  However, you must know what the benefits of each shot are.

Different Types Of Portrait Photography

Portrait Photographers

Many people view portrait photography as art. There are no other ways to express human emotions correctly or to preserve your looks or dazzling smile for as long. If you are looking for portrait photography, then you need to know about what to expect from the photographer.

Portrait Photography

One of the best ways to make your business appear authoritative is through portrait photography. Portraits are generally divided into two broad categories, and you need to know what they are. However, it is important to note that there are no hard rules for these pictures.

Lifestyle Photo Shoots

Lifestyle shoots will help you capture emotions and everyday life events through a series of pictures. These shoots could be a family party in the garden or a touching moment shared in the kitchen with or without one of the products that you sell. These shots look to show how people can benefit from your company’s products or services. When completing these photo shoots, the photography studio should send a photographer and an assistant. There will be location and construction costs as well as a talent fee for the professionals in the pictures. Hair and makeup stylists will be employed as well as a set stylist.

In-Studio Portraits

Organisations and businesses that are looking for headshots should choose this option. These shoots will have studio lighting, which can be set up efficiently to accommodate several people. It is also possible to get location portraits taken at a particular location. Editorial portraits are shots where someone is working in their environment, such as a lawyer in a courtroom.
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