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If you need to change your appointment, please call one of members of staff at 0207 916 2552 or email them on info@eyemediastudios.co.uk. Appointments can be changed free of charge within 7 days of receiving confirmation of your initial booking but after this, changes are subject to administration fees, please see Terms and Conditions for more details.

Our photo shoot experiences tend to last between 1 and 3 hours.

Be adventurous as the more variety the better the results. For example, you could include a casual outfit i.e. t-shirt and jeans, something smarter i.e. an evening dress and then something personal i.e. sports kit and maybe some lingerie shots – don’t forget to bring heels!

No, not at all! We welcome ladies, men and couples of any age – anyone who wants a truly memorable day out, and would like some stunning images to remember their day. View our Galleries

Cost varies depending on the package you choose, and location costs if any. Please get in touch if to request a quote.

Your very own personal creative team of professionals are booked for each individual appointment e.g. Makeup Artists, Photographers, Retouchers …etc. Hence, a booking fee and no-show charge apply to each appointment in order to cover the cost of the professionals booked especially for you.

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