Personal Branding Photo shoots At Our London Photography Studio Or at your premises

It’s not just a headshot…It’s someone’s first impression of you.

We work with ambitious business owners and individuals to create modern, flattering images without cheesy, awkward poses. Images that help you to stand head and shoulders above your competition online.

You are an entrepreneur, expert coach, consultant, speaker, author, model, or any other personality brand and want pictures that will help you express your true self, increase your confidence and show your brand or self in a way that makes you feel proud.

You want the process of getting your photos taken :

  • to feel relaxed and truly a great experience
  • look professional and approachable
  • fun and worth the money for quality images
“I went to top professional photographer Bill Gidda from EyeMedia Studios for my photo shoot to record the evidence from my transformation.”
Patrick McAleenan
The Telegraph

What to expect when you book your professional photo shoot with us

Preparation is key when having a successful professional photo shoot session. That’s why we supply all clients with guides on how to get the best results. These include:

  • A Free Consultation Before Your Session
  • Posing Guide PDF - Tips And Tricks
  • Style Guide PDF - What Clothes To Bring

Who we are

We are a professional photography studio that concentrate on one client at a time. We help individuals and small businesses capture photographs for personal and professional usage. Even if it's your first time in front of a camera, our photographer will make sure and help guide and direct you through the photo shoot. So rest a sure, our photo shoot experience is enjoyable with great natural results.

Why we are

We believe that high-end photography shouldn’t be exclusive to fashion models and celebrities. We combine our creative fashion industry and commercial photography expertise with a mission to empower you while being your best self in front of the camera. Whether you're an aspiring fashion model or an individual looking to update an online profile, it’s our goal creating iconic images that resonate for years.

What you want

You want to choose a professional photographer that understands how to capture images that are right for you and convey the correct message. An experienced professional that obtains successful results in difficult and challenging situations. At the same time, you want a photographer that helps make the whole process as simple as possible.


Why Choose Us?

  • Convenience – You receive all your images after your photoshoot
  • Value – High-quality yet affordable professional services.
  • Flexibility – Open 7 Days A Week — 9AM Till 9PM


Businesses are renowned for their mindset of do-it-yourself. With advertising photography, it may not be the best choice for you. Whether it be a website or social networks, your company images will appear more reputable by a professional photography studio.

When a business is staring out, expenses involved with hiring a photographer is usually the last item on list. Many businesses fall into the trap of using stock images or attempting to carry out the task themselves. Furthermore, we believe professional photography is essential to growing a brand.

Having a professional vision reflects the essence of your goods and services. Professional photo shoots can also inform prospects and customers you’re operating with a degree of professionalism and dedication to quality.

1. Professional Photographers

Right off the bat, having personalised photography presents you with a chance to get an advantage over your competitors. While good portrait photography and creative pictures can add credibility to your business, it also makes your brand more authentic and one clients would love to endorse.

As an entrepreneur, your social presence and your website is the first impression a customer has of you or your business. It’s also usually the first thing to go when putting together a spending budget. Our photographer will help convey the right message creative images.

2. Professional Photo Shoot

A professional photoshoot can help with your marketing materials, plus showing your staff or the products and services you offer. Low quality, amateurish images reflect poorly on a company. Anybody with any genuine skills in marketing will tell you that content is king. With the rise of online marketing, digital imaging has become the primary way of communication between small businesses and customers.

3. Extremely Shareable

The advantages of an engaged social network community that shares likes and retweets your content is impossible to overstate. Creative portrait photography taken by a photographer can help push your brand to another level. Therefore, professional pictures and your social content makes them far more likely to be engaged by your desired audiences, while growing your brand and attaining greater potential customers.

4. Our Photography Studio

There are many photography studios and freelance photographers in London all promising they will take great pictures but how many actually listen to their clients needs. Our photographic studio and London photographer are usually more than happy to help with the creative process. Therefore, we are very good at directing our clients to get the best results. Our East London studio has a chilled out vibe, so our photographers will help you be your best self in front of the camera. Utilising a pro photographer in London means you get their experience as well as lighting, gear, editing and retouching. It is a hassle-free solution that is worth the upfront cost. EyeMedia Studios believe it’s essential to do your research when employing an experienced photographer. You need to ensure their style of imagery reflects your business and brand through commercial photography or portrait photography photo shoots..

5. Our Cost Effective Studios Offering

Earlier we mentioned that some small business owners may dismiss professional photography due to the upfront costs. However, what if we told you it could become probably the most cost-efficient solution for your business? Also, professional photo shoots may create free publicity for your company while having the added advantage of creating effective brand recognition.

6. Visual Story Telling

Building an attractive brand sends the right message about your company. Offer your clients something that is instantly recognisable. Our photographer will let you tell the story without saying a word. Our London Photography Studio has amazing studio spaces to help you or your business. 

We can offer useful advice to first-time marketers and relying on them to supply pictures at a high level on time.

Tips on Hiring a A Photographer

  1. Make sure you can view an online portfolio for the photographer you are inquiring about.
  2. If looking for a london photographer, make sure the photographer has a photography studio located central with good transportation access.
  3. Make sure you can view any online reviews for the photographer.
  4. Set up a phone call consultation with the photographer before booking a portrait session.
  5. If you are interested in having a portrait photography session, make sure they have an online portrait portfolio.
  6. Find out how long the photographer has been in business or has been a photography professional.
  7. Make sure the photographer has transparent pricing on his photographer london packages.
  8. If the photographer does shoot sometimes work at a corporate event, then ask for which client’s they have worked for in the past.
  9. Ask to meet the photographer before your portrait session or corporate event.
  10. Enjoy and have fun at your photoshoot, your photographer should help you get the best pictures without any drama.

Give us a call and book a session.

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