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Our Corporate headshots can help you better communicate with clients, promote your brand and make you look more approachable

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All Our Photo Shoot Packages include:

  • A professional photographer with over 25 years of experience
  • You receive your pictures on the same day
  • Posing and prep guides before your session
  • Guidance and direction throughout your session
  • Transparent pricing without any surprises
  • Retouched image(s)
  • Multiple outfit changes
  • Multiple backgrounds

Are you tired of struggling to find the time to get a good headshot?

With EyeMedia Studios, you can book a session with our photographer who will help you get the perfect shot for your resume or website. We understand that a good headshot can make all the difference, and the photographer will work with you to create a photo that captures your natural beauty and personality.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a headshot – with EyeMedia Studios; you can get one that is both affordable and of high quality. We understand that times are tough, so our prices are realistic and our services are top-notch.

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Eyemedia Studios offers high quality corporate headshots to help you present yourself as a professional. We will help you feel at ease and guide you through the complete photo shoot process from start to finish.


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You can book your photoshoot session by phone or book a free consultation

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You will receive your photos on the same day and retouched images within 48hrs

Transparent Pricing

Our photo shoot packages are tailored for all individuals and entrepreneurs – with no hidden costs

Retouching Included

Our photo shoot packages come with a select amount of retouched images which you will receive within 48hrs after your shoot

You want to get noticed in a crowded market – What We Can Offer:

  1. A memorable experience with a friendly, approachable photographer who knows how to capture your personality
  2. Professionally crafted portfolio photographs with a professional look.
  3. High quality, captivating and unique images make you stand out from the competition yet are friendly and approachable simultaneously.

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Professional portraits can help you stand out. Corporate Headshots images wouldn’t just tell your story but additionally prove potentially helpful for selling ideas, products, and brands. No compromise can be made on the look of your Corporate Headshots and professional headshots.

Linkedin Headshots for Social Media

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is used for business networking. It is a great place to connect with other professionals, find jobs, and learn about business news and trends. When you create a LinkedIn profile, it is essential to have corporate portraits. Your corporate headshots are the first thing people will see when they view your profile, so making an excellent first impression is essential. You want to ensure that your corporate headshots are high quality and show your best side. Here are a few tips for taking a great LinkedIn headshot:

1. Make sure your hair is neat and styled.

2. Wear a solid colour shirt or blouse.

3. Avoid busy patterns or stripes.

4. Smile! A genuine smile will make you look friendly and approachable during your corporate headshot photography photo shoot.

5. Make sure your headshot is in good lighting.

6. Use a neutral background.

7. Make sure your corporate headshot for your corporate headshot clients is in focus during your headshot session

.8. Keep your headshot updated.

A good LinkedIn headshot can help you stand out from the competition and make a great first impression on your new clients. If you need professional headshots in the studio or shots with natural light, please get in touch with our digital corporate photography services. When looking for a corporate headshots photographer there are a few things to consider. The most important factor is finding a corporate headshots photographer that understands your brand.

Are you looking for classic images or something more contemporary? Pricing is also a consideration. You want to find a professional headshot photographer or professional photographers within your budget and offering quality images. When choosing a corporate headshot photographer, it is essential to consider all of these factors.

What are professional headshots or a professional headshot?

Corporate headshots and business portraits are essential tools for businesses and professionals and can make a big difference in how you are perceived by potential clients or employers. If you’re looking to have a corporate headshot taken, be sure to find a photographer who specializes in this type of corporate headshot photography and can help you create the perfect business headshots for your company headshots and personal brand.

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