Strike a pose…

Knowing how to pose is key to getting the best results from your photoshoot but it can be hard to get celebrity worthy pictures if you don’t know what you’re doing. Do you want to take your business or personal life to the next level?  The body language you display in your photograph is the key.  A great shot quickly expresses the values you want to communicate, which is crucial, as people will judge the digital representation of you in less than three seconds.


Below are some tips from our complete guide:

Angles matter while photographing women

There is rarely a good photograph I have seen that is taken of a woman from a low angle. Regardless of the shape or size of the woman, I am photographing; this is not a good angle.

When I shoot from above, even at an angle that is slightly down, it can be quite flattering for a woman, especially if she has a fuller figure.

Professional Photographer Tips For Womens Photo Shoots - A woman posing for the camera - Photo shoot
Professional Photographer Tips For Womens Photo Shoots - A woman using a laptop - Head shot
Professional Photographer Tips For Womens Photo Shoots - A woman posing for the camera - Photo shoot
A man sitting in front of a window - Photographer

Meet our expert

Bill Gidda - Founder/Photographer At EyeMedia Studios

Our London photographer Bill Gidda has over 30 years experience in the fashion and music industry and has photographed all over the world including North America, Asia and Europe. Bill is also the founder of EyeMedia Studios and brings his vast amount of knowledge to his photo shoots.


What to do with your chin

When I photograph women, my number ONE beauty posing tip for you would be to keep your chin down and out, picture a turtle.

You may be wondering what is the deal with the whole chin down and out. Well, people always hear that they must sit up straight for the camera when having their picture taken. Although this advice may be sound, it is not necessarily the best position for your headshots. What will happen is, not only will you sit up straight; you will also tighten your neck and lift your chin. What you have now is a lost jawline and a photograph looking up your nostrils. Something I am pretty sure you don’t want.

By lowering your chin slightly and pushing it out, you lengthen and accentuate your jawline. Also, eliminating any double chins that may be present. Keep in mind that the chin down and out does not feel natural. Even though this feels weird, you’ll see significant improvements in your headshots and will later be doing this in all of your selfies.


How to work the curves

Most women feel beautiful and sexy when their curves are visible. Here are a few example tips during your photo shoot that can accentuate your shape:

Sit at a slight angle away from the camera and on the edge of the chair. Avoid fully seated in the chair. Cross with the front leg, the one that is the closest to the camera. You can use your arms as a filler. If sitting on the floor and your belly area needs to be covered. You can rest your elbows on your knees. The shoulder closest to the camera should be slightly pushed up. Never neglect the chin!

Make sure you are angled away from the camera. When trying to accentuate your curves, you should never photograph straight on. By having yourself angled away from the camera, the curves on your back and chest will be visible rather than if you are facing straight on. All your weight should be on your back foot; your front foot, should be pulled close to your back foot and front knee should be slightly bent. The front knee must be pointed with your body´s angle, not facing the camera or else the visual curve in the knee will be lost.

We have more examples of this with pictures in our complete guide.

Professional Photographer Tips For Womens Photo Shoots - A woman wearing a white shirt - Prarthana Behere

What to do with your hands

You can either break or make a picture with hand placement. When posing, pay close attention to your hands. Make sure they look light and natural. If it seems hard to relax your hands and let loose, then do something with them. Twirl your hair, lightly touch the side of your face, wrap your hands together and place them in front of your body, etc. No matter what you go with, never forget about the hands.


Free Prep Guides For Women


  • Can help you prepare for your photo shoot
  • Great tips on how to pose during your photo shoot
  • A complete style guide on what clothes to bring

To help you strike the right pose, we’ve created a professional posing guide for women that will guide you effortlessly to Hollywood style elegance, without the need to break the bank, or strain any muscles.

Photo Shoot Pricing - A person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera - Photography

On top of your complimentary posing guide, that will help you fully prep for your professional photo shoot with us, when you visit our London studio, our experienced photographers walk you through every step of how and where to sit and stand.  You’ll never be left hanging awkwardly, wondering how to pose.

A great pose makes the critical difference between looking like a confident and capable girl boss, and a shy, clumsy wallflower.  Having the right posture in your pictures helps you quickly communicate professionalism and confidence, two key traits that factor in big time when people are making instant decisions on who to connect with.

Some of our client photoshoots

Our pro quality headshots will help you:

  • Up your income
  • Tap into new revenue streams
  • Maximise your appeal to new customers and clients
  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Instantly make connections with people
  • Use our image -oriented visual age to your benefit
  • Quickly communicate what you’re all about

We humans are visual, and it’s true what they say, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

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A high impact impression in less than three seconds

As well, you need to know what pose to use to create the right mood, and the mood you invoke must also match your goals, if you want to get the most out of your shots.  Our experts will discuss your aims in a thorough consultation, then with these in mind, we’ll guide you to the right poses, so that you can communicate to your audience better and establish that all important rapport.

Need to up your game in the business world?

We’ll create sleek and beautiful, contemporary pictures that present you as an expert and inspire trust in your potential customers.

In the visual world of online media, great presentation is key to getting noticed, and posing is a big part of that.  Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable some people look in the photographs they post?  It’s a turn off right?  That’s because confidence is so engaging, and having slumped or incorrect posture, or clunky, hanging hands makes you look underconfident, and underwhelming. 

We’ll help you enhance your pictures with perfect posing, whether you’re looking to max your earning potential, get that interview, casting call, or hot date, land that big client, or just boost your connections.

From the perfect angle to enhance a thick neck, to picking posture that will make you look confident and competent, through to exactly what to do with those hands, we’ll leave nothing to chance.

Do you need the right pose for a high-quality headshot for your LinkedIn page?  Maybe you’re seeking that perfect personal shot for your social or dating profiles?  Or perhaps you need a stand-out model shot that will encourage casting calls, or a superlative promotional picture for your brand?

Whatever you need, we’ll guide you through posing at our professional photo studios. Then we’ll harness our blend of creative and commercial photography experience to create a signature shot that embodies you and what you do.

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Final tip from our professional photographer

WOW! That is a lot to bear in mind, do not let this make you feel overwhelmed. As with everything related to photography, the more practice you get, the more natural it will feel. I will keep an eye out for all these details so you can concentrate on your expression and the image you would like to project.

I have also written a complete posing guide that can help you prepare for your photo shoot experience.

So do not worry about carrying an exclusive posing guide around with you if you feel it will help. Or maybe bring in an assistant or friend that can help you with all the little details. In the end, our professional photographer can help you feel relaxed at your photo shoot. You can Download it instantly!

Tips On How to Choose The Right Studio for your Womens Photoshoot

  • Make sure you can view an online portfolio of womens photoshoots photography
  • Make sure you can view any online reviews for the photographer from past photoshoot clients.
  • Set up a phone call consultation with the photoshoot studio before booking a portrait session.
  • Find out how long the photoshoot studio has been in business.
  • Make sure the studio has transparent pricing on womens photoshoot packages.
  • Ask to meet the photographer before your portrait photoshoot session .
  • Enjoy and have fun at your photoshoot, your fabulous photographer should help you get the best pictures without any drama.
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