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How to choose the right photographer for your upcoming photo shoot.

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A quick guide to get you more confident before your photoshoot.

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A quick guide on how to prepare for your photography session.

Top Tips For Mens Photo Shoots

How To Take Good Portrait Pictures Of Men

Most men do not look forward to getting a professional photo taken. Unless you have some experience with acting or with politics, you have probably never had your portrait taken by a professional. Women tend to be more comfortable during photo shoots. They tend to pay more attention to their appearance and already know which angle and pose will be flattering.

EyeMedia Studios has been taking professional pictures of men for many years.

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What To Look For In A Professional Photographer

By Bill Gidda – Founder/Photographer at EyeMedia Studios

I will be honest with you; I hate having any pictures of me taken. I can relate to the way my fellow male clients feel. Posing in front of a camera can be a very intimate experience and can leave one feeling vulnerable. Most men feel uncomfortable, and some even avoid having their picture taken.

Aesthetics also play a part. I find that women are a lot more graceful and have more experience with having their pictures taken. Most men do not pay attention to details and can neglect their appearance. I think that a lot of men feel awkward at the idea of having their photograph taken by a professional photographer because they believe their appearance will be scrutinised.

I have learned a lot about shooting men over the years. I have found that it is possible to get over this awkwardness and to have a great picture taken, even if the client is reluctant at first. It is important for a photographer to know how to connect with their subject and to engage them. The person will eventually start feeling more comfortable and will reveal their true self.

Before The Shoot – My Story

I will always remember the time a magazine asked me to go to a nearby studio and have my portrait taken. Even though I’ve been a pro photographer for over twenty years, I didn’t know this particular photographer at all. I was worried that I would not look good in the picture. I was especially concerned about having my picture taken since it would be published in the magazine.

I was relieved when the photographer called me in advance to talk about the photo shoot. I got to know her better and got to ask a few questions about how she worked. I remember asking about what I should wear for the portrait. She recommended that I choose something I felt comfortable in. I was also able to give her more details about what I wanted the final result to look like.

I felt a lot better after this short conversation. I was looking forward to having my picture taken. We had already broken the ice over the phone, so I felt that we had a lot in common since we were both photographers.

The moral of this story is always try to set up a phone conversation or booking consultation with the photographer who will be taking your photograph. It can do wonders on photo shoots.

Finding A Direction

Your photographer should be friendly and engaging. They should make you feel at ease. They should be very professional and have a warm personality knowing how to keep the conversation going.

I think that men feel comfortable when they are engaged and get to talk about something they care and know about. Some men might prefer to talk about sports, their job or their family. Taking a man’s portrait is a lot easier once they feel comfortable.

Starting a conversation and making the subject feel comfortable is the key to taking a good portrait of a man. I think portrait photographers also need to be psychologists. They need to find a way to get their subject to relax and to let their guard down so that a good portrait can be taken.

The photographer who took my picture gave me directions. She was clear about what she wanted me to do, and I think this contributed to the success of the photo shoot. Since most men don’t know which angles and poses will be flattering, it is up to the photographer to figure out how to pose their subject. Men will look best when the photographer gives clear and concise directions on how to pose and look at the camera.

Here are some tips on how to pose for your photo shoot:

1. Angle your body

Make sure your shoulders tilt back a little. This is a good way to draw attention to a subject’s masculine features without getting a pose that looks unnatural. Keep your feet pointed towards the camera and to turn your shoulders at a 10 to 15-degree angle.

2. Keep your chin down

I always recommend that men should pose with their chin down. This pose will make your jaw look stronger and more masculine.

3. Smile

You need to smile at your photo session. Most men will smile and show their teeth, but their smile will not look natural when the picture is taken.

Tyra Banks coined the term “smize”. She uses this term to refer to a smile that spreads to the eyes. The difference is straightforward to see. Only a genuine smile will be visible in a person’s eyes, and this will make a difference on camera.

You should let out a breathy laugh to get one of these smiles or think of something that makes you happy – something that is funny to you. If you do not look natural on camera, you are not smizing.

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