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We understand that time is precious. EyeMedia Studios is committed to providing the best possible customer experience and take pride in our reputation for delivering high-quality photos quickly and at a competitive price.

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We love creating beautiful imagery for small businesses and individuals.

Our Process

1. You send it – we shoot it

We make the process as easy as possible – and it’s our policy to always deliver at an affordable price without cutting corners

2. In house retouching

We guarantee your final shot is precisely what you need including; colour correction, white cutouts, drop shadows & reflection

3. Quick Turnaround

Turn Around time is 7 business days once we receive the product. Rush Turn Around time is 3 business days from the time we receive the product

All Inclusive Photos

The best images are those that leave an impression. Crisp, clear and well-lit images make a lasting impression on the viewer and contribute to higher conversion rates.

Every Picture Is A Hero Image

Every picture we take is guaranteed to make your product pop and make a powerful impact

High Resolution 4000px+ Images

Every product is carefully lit and shot on an amazing high resolution camera

World Wide Usage Forever

You are free to use the images on your website, marketing material and social media with no time limits

Reasonable Re-shoot Policy

If you tell us clearly how to photograph your product and we don’t do it that way, we’ll redo it for free

You’re losing money because of poor pictures on your website

Increase Sales

Great images have been proven to drive up sales and increase profit. Customers are naturally drawn to the content we create for our clients because it’s well laid out, beautifully lit and edited to an impeccable standard. You also have social media platforms and an active website that requires fresh content. 

Remain Consistent

When displaying hundreds of images, it’s fundamental that your photographs look consistent in quality and how they’ve been shot. No one wants to purchase your products or services due to ugly photos. A lack of story, poor composition and lousy lighting can all hurt your brand or business.


However, working with a photographer is similar to any professional relationship. The individual becomes a business partner of yours; your photographer is the person who will help you communicate your brand visually and grow your business. 

How We Can Help
You’ve been struggling to find the right photographer for …

From your initial meeting with us, you will already know when you will receive the final images. EyeMedia Studios will always be upfront with the turnaround time for your eCommerce shoot project. That way you can plan and will not be disappointed if you need to have images sooner than later.

What will professional eCommerce photography pictures allow you to do? The answer is, to sell your jewellery, watches or any eCommerce products you sell, and that will, in turn, increase the amount of money you make.

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It can vary greatly depending on the photographer, the location, the makeup artists, the hair stylists, and the number of models involved. However, a general ballpark estimate would be around £1,000-£3,500 per day.

Some photographers may charge more or less than this range depending on their level of experience and expertise. Also, keep in mind that some photographers may require a retainer fee (up-front payment) in addition to the day rate. So it’s always best to ask for a quote before booking a shoot.

Before answering this question, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no set answer, as photography pricing depends on a number of factors. These include the type of event being photographed, the length of time needed, the number of photos required, the level of editing required, and so on. With that said, let’s take a look at some average photography prices in London.

Photographers in London typically charge around £200-£300 for a 2-4 hour session. This price may vary depending on the photographer’s experience and the type of photography service you require.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, professional photography session, it’s important to be aware of what to expect in terms of cost. Keep in mind that photographers often have to cover travel expenses, so be sure to ask about additional fees before hiring a photographer.

London Commercial Photographer
London Commercial Photography Rates

Commercial photographs are our main passion here at Commercial Photography

Why not speak to an expert in photography? Our photo services offer very reasonable rates at affordable prices. Why pay high rates to provide poor services?

You may see examples of our work on our website: If you have any questions about what we offer, we can provide reviews on this site. A half-day averages 4hrs and a full day usually 7.5 hours.

Commercial photography requirements

We can assist you with finding the best London commercial photographer in London. We will work together with leading brands to achieve your desired outcome. We have a variety of photography equipment for all your photographic requirements.

Whether you want to advertise or create your London business images is a crucial aspect of your business strategy. We want to give you good pictures for you to display your company or product photography.

Our Process

We are trying to make the process as straightforward and affordable as we can, and we’ve always been committed to delivering at an affordable price without using any cutting-edge products We guarantee that your finished shot matches your exact needs of you including colour corrections, white cuts, shadows, drop shadows.

Rush turnarounds take 3 business days after the delivery of your products from Rush.

Commercial photography

Price matters, as does image quality and so on. People assume that each product photography company provides a similar level of service. Almost everyone has quoted the same things, but there is no doubt a cheaper quote is advisable.

How do I get images I am not satisfied with?

Our focus is not only on enhancing your product photography shots.

Your customized quote for product photography

We make all our standard price points clear, but sometimes clients underestimate how long it takes for photos for product photography and thus overestimate costs as a result. It’s generally best for us to give you the best price we can and we’ll happily give you the best price breakdown to show you the choices that best suit you.

Our product photography quotes are different from our other photography services.


There are these huge numbers of types of lighting, and it’s very confusing what type of lighting will work for your business headshots.

Make sure the lighting for your headshots is EVEN. If you want a soft, flattering light, make your London commercial photographer find a place in an open shade or close to a huge window. You want to keep away from any shadows which will distract your face,

Simple backdrops like wallpaper can similarly have a significant impact on how your headshots photograph ends up. There’s a wide selection of alternatives, from plain neutral colours to a workplace setting. Just ensure that the background is too busy and distracting.

Headshots Photography Clothing Tips

As a rule, vibrant colours work best for headshots. Bring the right clothes to your headshots session which represent the style you are trying to achieve, ensure that everyone gets the message, and also make sure to bring business outfits with them.

Headshot Poses for commercial model photography London services

No matter what style of headshots you end up going for, a solid stance is key as it radiates confidence. Just sit with your back and shoulders straight while remaining moderately loose.

Still, you don’t need to look fully relaxed during your London headshot portrait session. Particularly if you need your headshot to be fun and light, it could be practical for you to keep the atmosphere at your professional headshots shoot enjoyable.

Also, take a few pictures with an incredibly natural smile and show your personality.

Have a lot of Headshot photos taken at the London Session with a commercial model photographic studio London Services

These days, professional headshots are shot digital, so there is no extra expense for commercial photographers not to take additional photos. Whatever amount portrait shots may be allowed, pose for your camera at every opportunity.

By taking a variety of headshot pics, you can give yourself a more variety of headshots to choose from. Also, guarantee you take your time because commercial photographers for headshot shoots are always trying new ideas.

Feel Comfortable During Headshots London Shoot

Whenever you’re taking London headshots, ensure that you have a conversation a professional commercial photographer. This will keep you engaged during your London corporate headshots session.

Headshot Photography Composition

There isn’t anything more annoying headshot photo with someone staring directly into the camera at eye level. Have your headshots for business stand out by looking away or posing outside your comfort zone. Using it’ll make the headshot both professional and thrilling.

Expression adjustment

What isolates a professional photo from a regular one are commonly minor changes. These little changes may have a fantastic effect. A slight tilt to the head, leaning forward, brings energy to the portrait.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Headshot Photography

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  13. Do you also do packshot photography?
  14. What’s the difference between packshot photography and tabletop photography?

Commercial packshot photographic studio London Services

In the vibrant city of London, commercial photo shoots have become a cornerstone of successful marketing strategies, with businesses recognizing the power of compelling visuals in promoting their products. A skilled commercial photographer in London plays a pivotal role in transforming products into captivating visual narratives. Whether it’s for e-commerce platforms, advertising campaigns, or promotional materials, product photography in London is a dynamic and specialized field that requires the expertise of professionals who understand the nuances of commercial imagery.

Commercial creative photographic studio London Services

For businesses seeking to enhance their visual presence, the option of product photography in London offers a wealth of opportunities. A product photography studio in London provides a controlled environment where lighting, composition, and styling can be meticulously curated to showcase products in the best possible light. The city’s diverse backdrops, iconic landmarks, and modern architecture also serve as compelling settings for commercial photo shoots, contributing to creating visually striking images that resonate with target audiences.

Commercial model photography studio London Services

While the allure of London as a hub for commercial photography is evident, the accessibility of commercial photographers near me ensures that businesses in various locations can tap into this expertise. Commercial photographers near me offer convenience without compromising on the quality of the final product. These professionals understand the local market dynamics and bring a personalized touch to commercial photo shoots, aligning the visuals with nearby businesses’ unique preferences and needs.

Commercial lifestyle photographic studio London Services

In the competitive commerce landscape, product photography in London goes beyond mere documentation; it becomes a strategic tool for brand differentiation. A commercial photographer in London is equipped with the technical skills and creative vision necessary to highlight the distinctive features of products, whether it’s showcasing the details of a fashion item, the functionality of a gadget, or the aesthetics of a piece of furniture.

Commercial creative photographers London Services

In summary, commercial photo shoots, particularly product photography, have become integral to the success of businesses in London and beyond. A commercial photographer in London brings expertise in capturing images that showcase products and tell a compelling story. Whether seeking product photography in London or accessing commercial photographers near me, businesses recognize the transformative impact of high-quality visuals in driving consumer engagement and brand recognition.

Commercial lifestyle photography studio London photoshoots

In the dynamic landscape of London’s business hub, commercial photo shoots have become an indispensable tool for companies looking to establish a compelling visual presence. The expertise of commercial photographers in London extends across various genres, with a particular emphasis on advertising photography. An advertising photographer in London possesses the creative vision and technical proficiency to craft visually stunning images that effectively communicate brand messages and resonate with target audiences.

London commercial photography services

Product photography, a cornerstone of commercial shoots, finds its zenith in the dedicated spaces provided by product photography studios in London. These studios serve as controlled environments where lighting, composition, and styling can be meticulously tailored to showcase products in the most appealing and marketable manner. A product photographer in London goes beyond capturing mere visuals; they bring forth the essence of a product, highlighting its unique features and creating imagery that elevates its perceived value.

Commercial watch photography London Services

For those seeking a commercial photographer near them, the accessibility of skilled professionals ensures that businesses in various locations can tap into the expertise required for successful commercial photo shoots. Commercial photographers near me understand the local market dynamics and bring a personalized touch to their work, aligning the visuals with the unique preferences and needs of businesses in the vicinity.

In the realm of advertising photography, London stands as a vibrant hub with a multitude of advertising photographers who understand the language of visual storytelling. A London advertising photographer crafts images that not only promote products or services but also evoke emotions and create a lasting impact on the audience. The city’s diverse landscapes and cultural richness serve as inspirational backdrops, contributing to the creation of visually compelling and memorable advertising campaigns.

Commercial creative photography in London is not just about capturing images; it’s a strategic endeavor that involves collaboration between businesses and skilled photographers. These professionals have a deep understanding of brand aesthetics and market trends, allowing them to deliver commercial photo shoots that are not only visually striking but also aligned with the broader marketing objectives of the clients. In essence, the collaboration between commercial photographers and businesses in London results in a symbiotic relationship where creativity meets commercial success.

Types of Commercial Photo Shoots Services
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  • interior photography
  • commercial product
  • business portraits
  • event photography
  • digital marketing
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