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Are you fashion designer or an eCommerce merchant or anyone that depends upon selling your eCommerce product online or in print. You know then the most crucial thing that will sell your merchandise, is excellent creative photography!

Ecommerce Photography

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Art Direction

If needed, we can organize models, make-up and hair stylists, props, videography – you name it, we have a reputation for ensuring you get precisely the service you need to fulfill your brief. Also, as very experienced eCommerce photographers, we know the significance of your eCommerce shoot having the correct setting and place; that is why we’ve our own e commerce photography studio. We designed and assembled it to the exact specifications we needed, which we know our customers expect.

Central London Studio

Perhaps you will need an alternate space? No problem, we’re very use to organizing anyplace which fits your vision and gives you that all-important experience with the right equipment to shoot on location, inside or out. So if you’re searching for photographers and a studio team that understand fashion and eCommerce photography, then drop us a line, and we may begin to plan your next business success.

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Types of eCommerce photography shoots we provide

Fashion Ecommerce

Product Brochures

Fashion Lookbooks

Commercial In-store Posters

Good Photography As A Powerful Branding Tool


It is essential for your business and brand to produce beautiful photography. No one wants to purchase jewellery, shoes or beauty products due to ugly images; lack of story, poor composition and bad lighting can all have an adverse impact on your brand.


Although many upcoming brands have a tendency to do their own photography, you need to be careful regarding the look you want to create to tell that story.  You also have social media platforms and a website that are active and require fresh content. 


However, working with a photographer is similar to any other kind of professional relationship.  The individual becomes a business partner of yours; your photographer is the person who will help you communicate your brand visually and grow your business. 


If you decide that you or your business needs to have professional photo shoots done, then you need to determine which type of photo shoot will convey the right message.

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Working With A Professional Photographer And Studio

From our initial meeting you have with us, you will already know when you will receive the final images by. EyeMedia Studios will always be upfront with the turnaround time for your ecommerce shoot project. That way you can plan and will not be disappointed if you need to have images sooner than later.

What will professional eCommerce photography pictures allow you to do. The answer is, sell your jewellery, watches or any eCommerce products you sell, and that will, in turn, increase the amount of money you make.

What will professional photos allow you to do. The answer is, sell your designs, and that will, in turn, increase the amount of money you make.

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Our Fashion Photography Checklist

We will supply all the necessary equipment for the photo shoot you have requested. If we don’t already own it, then we can always rent it.

  • Will meet the deadlines you have agreed to in advance
  • Be responsive to any emails you send
  • Will provide you with any content that you decide on before the shoot
  • Set the shooting schedule
  • Hire and direct the models
  • Edit the images as per contract with fast turnaround times
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Understanding Our Client’s Needs

When working with our team, everyone works within their area of expertise. When you are first getting started, you sometimes need to do everything on your own due to finances; you often have to be the PR and Press rep, graphic designer and pattern maker and so much more when you are just beginning. However, we recommend that once you can take it to the next level financially, that you do so.

Our clients are experts at knowing their brand and design; the photographer is the photography expert. When we work together as a team, we can turn out an outstanding product.

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Our Professional Fashion Team

If your company is an accessories brand, you might want to get a stylist to work with, who can bring in a wardrobe that highlights your accessories. You just want to make sure that the clothing doesn’t take away attention from your accessories in the pictures due to poor planning when it comes to the wardrobe. If you are going to use a prop stylist, then allow money for a stylist’s day rate, in addition to expenses incurred for obtaining the props.

We Can supply the following:

  • eCommerce Photographer
  • Photography Studio
  • Models
  • Hair Stylist
  • Makeup Artist

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Work with Us!


Here at EyeMedia Studios, we’ve been working with the web since 2009, and we understand that eCommerce images make the difference online. Your store window is a PC or mobile screen, and this usually means the images will need to appear professional and provide confidence. It’s for this reason that we’ve invested heavily into an eCommerce photography studio to help give the best eCommerce experience for our customers. The result is that we’ve saved customers money e commerce product photography shoots and increased sales as a result. It’s as important as getting the right cost and targeting to the right market; it’s the number one way those working in fashion and eCommerce communicate with their customers.

A nicely-written description of the eCommerce product and merchandise is critical too, but it’s the eCommerce photography which allows your brand to shine. At EyeMedia Studios we’re set up perfectly to provide fantastic eCommerce photography, whether sharp, stand-alone creative eCommerce product pictures or your fabulous clothing being professionally displayed from the best models we may supply. Also, that’s a significant facet of the value we may add to your eCommerce photography or fashion photography.

Ecommerce pictures are a hallmark of on-line shopping. They efficiently communicate the specifics of your merchandise to clients in a manner product descriptions alone can’t. The quality of the pictures you use on your design in addition to individual product pictures will affect the perceived value of your eCommerce merchandise and may help or hurt your brand’s image.

Individuals are visual beings that retain 80 per cent of what they see and do. Visuals are processed 60, 000 times quicker than text.

Great eCommerce product pictures consistently boost sales. Great pictures are going to have a deep impact on the bottom line. Consumers are more inclined to scan eCommerce product pictures than they’re to scan product descriptions. The quality, quantity and positioning of eCommerce image can drastically affect how successful your website is at drawing new and repeat business. Whether or not a customer is seeking to get vitamins, shoes or office equipment. Big, vibrant, web optimized pictures are essential. Quality eCommerce product images drive engagement, client conversion and retention, and will boost client lifetime value. When a shopper is confronted with deciding between the same product at the same cost on two different web sites, the standard of eCommerce photography nearly always makes the difference.

Ecommerce Photography Best Practices

Shoppers can’t touch and feel your merchandise, so your pictures are going to do the selling. Images are the only way clients can experience your product. Therefore your images must be attention-grabbing, engage your audience, develop a mood and create an emotional connection with your brand. Better quality pictures will also lead to fewer product returns. Many retailers adore white backgrounds for their merchandise. White is consistent and clean.

Lifestyle Ecommerce Photography is more than just taking candid shots
Before they buy, they’ll want to read your product information and view your product images. Your customers will not buy without top quality, crisp images.

Include a Life Style Ecommerce photography Image. Lifestyle eCommerce photography shoots are more than just taking candid shots. It’s about eye-catching creative images that tell a story. A personality. A feeling. LifeStyle pictures show your eCommerce product being in their environment alongside matching products.

Create Banners and Calls to Action

Most online stores and eCommerce web sites have one big design component in common, big, featured creative pictures prominently displayed on the home page or on category pages. These larger images are utilized to construct your brand identity and tell your story. They may also be used to incorporate a eCommerce product or make an announcement. Regardless, they ought to be eye-catching photography with a strong call to action.

Show your products in action

Images of individuals utilizing a eCommerce product or product in use will provide credibility and convey a feeling of trustworthiness to a consumer.

This sort of presentation may increase conversion by over 95%!

Ensure that your product photography pictures are exceptional. Good product photography isn’t cheap, and cheap product photography isn’t good. Do-it-yourself product photography may hurt sales because less than stellar images of your merchandise can drive customers away. Beautiful creative photography, and on the other hand, generate earnings because 93 per cent of clients believe visual appearance to be an important part of purchasing decisions. One study found that eCommerce photography pictures have a strong influence on prices sensitivity.

Whenever you hire a pro to look after your eCommerce photography product shoots, it is essential to know exactly what to ask. Once you know the answers, you can better pick your applicants and discover the right person or eCommerce photography studio to get the job done. There is a major gap between amateur and professional eCommerce product photography in London.

One more thing to bear in mind is what types of creative pictures will be best for your brand and merchandise pages. We’ll get to that later. Let us look at some important questions to ask a London eCommerce photography studio before you hire them.

What Kind of Photography Studio Equipment Do You They Use at their London Studio?

There is no limit to the amount of gadgets and tools that a London photography studio can use to get the best shot, but by knowing what kind of images you require, you will have a better feeling of what gear those shots will require. This is an integral screening question because it can help you assess a London photographer’s skill level and expertise. Below are a few samples of this question is applicable for your search.

Professional London photography studio sometimes list their photography equipment and lighting on quotes. The right tools can be like straightforward like a camera, a good lens(es), and certain backgrounds, but you want to employ a London photography studio that knows how to use them. Discover what the photo editing applications your photographer also uses and what their policy is concerning retouching and production. Depending upon the look you need, processing may take much longer than the London eCommerce photography shoot.

Software also can cover up sloppy technique. You do not want to be invoiced for the time a photographer spends correcting their very own mistakes. Ask about their London production process and the way they price that part of their work.

How Many Photos Can We Expect to Get?

You will want to have as many pictures per product on your creative website. A single image frequently does not show enough of the eCommerce photography product to convince a shopper. Discover how many creative pictures are included on your photography photo shoot. You also need to know the average turnaround time for photos from the shoot to final edited versions.

This may be important if you are working on a tight schedule and must meet important deadlines. Ask about the London photography studio availability and turnaround times from the beginning, and have your photographer commit to a deadline terms in writing.

Are You Insured?

Ask to see a copy of the London Photography studio insurance terms coverage. Are they covered if the eCommerce photography products become damaged or someone gets hurt throughout the photoshoot? It is also a great idea to inquire about the photographer’s deposit terms coverage.

You may expect to lose your deposit if you’ve to cancel, but what if the photographer has to cancel? Do you get your deposit back? Speaking about money can feel frightening at times, but need to know before committing and making a commitment.

What Is Your Experience/Background?

Experience in eCommerce photography is essential because you need somebody who knows how to photograph product with shiny or dull surfaces. Do not underestimate the value of expertise with regards to years in the eCommerce photography business. A photographer with a lot more expertise knows what goes into the finished shots you see during your shoot and problems that may develop. When in doubt, look at a photographer’s previous work. Find out what went into the finished shots you see in their portfolio before you hire them.

Can I See a Portfolio?

Please have a look at the photographer’s portfolio which should be available to view on their eCommerce photography London website. See if their style matches your brand. Ecommerce photography is as stylistically diverse as music. In case you had been hiring a band, one of your first questions could be what style of music they play, right? Various eCommerce photography studio will deliver different styles, and different styles arrive with different setup requirements. Ask for an overall description of the photographer’s style and review their London portfolio. Make sure their style fits with what you’re looking for.

Do you shoot in natural light or Photography Studio Light?

Photography lighting is an important decision. Which sort of photography lighting is suitable for your brand? Both creative natural and creative studio lighting presents logistical challenges to consider ahead of time. Artificial lighting is best for capturing details and emphasizing the item on its own. Natural light depends entirely on location, time of day and that unforeseen factor, London weather.

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