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  • Corporate Headshots

    • Photographed At Our London Studio Or Your Business Premises
    • For Individuals Or Team Members
    • Perfect For LinkedIn Or Company Websites


Corporate Team Photoshoots

  • At Our London Studio Or At Your Offices
  • Professional London Photographers
  • Perfect For Getting Your Teams Photos Looking Professional While Having A Continuity With Similar Backgrounds


Corporate Group Team Photoshoots

  • At Our London Studio Or At Your Offices
  • Professional London Photographers
  • Perfect For Getting The Images That Represents Your Businesses Brand Identity And Company Culture

Background Replacement Photoshoots

  • Professional Digital Backgrounds – Wide Choice To Choose From
  • Very Natural Looking Finished Photographs
  • Perfect For Getting Any Type Of Office Or Industrial Backgrounds For Your Corporate Shoot



Studio And Location Shoots

At Our Studio Or Your Business Premises

Located In Central London

Close To 3 Tube Stations

Convenient Business Hours

Open 7 Days A Week 9AM To 9PM

Good Photography As A Powerful Corporate Branding Tool

They can be gone in the blink of an eye

However, if you can get someone to stay on your website for 30 seconds, you will have a much better shot at having them browse for over two minutes, and they will be likely to return. The brain is now starting to be rewired to take in all information in a shorter burst while glancing for keywords instead of reading through all of the written lines. When you have a video clip or image in front of you, it will take about 90 seconds for the attention span to drop off, instead of 8 seconds.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

If a business wants to get across the culture, skills, design and style of a company or brand, it will have to invest in quality photography. This will be your opportunity to get your professionalism across, what your unique selling point is, and the essence of your business for your customers. Getting this right will mean you have branded yourself successfully in the minds and hearts of your clients.


Getting Across Your Company Culture In A Flash

Think about how you can create a connection with your customers, as this will be important in today’s digital age that your client feels as though they are connecting with another human being. Decide on headshots, as you have to start with your team of senior leadership and your staff, but you need to be creative.

Avoid standard poses and take a modern approach. However, no matter what you choose, you need to keep the design or image consistent across all marketing outlets including your business cards, brochures and website.

If you are a team based organisation or a new start-up, you need to be sure that the photos chosen will reflect this. The shots of your team at marketing events, working onsite or even involved in community events will say a lot more than a shot of everyone simply standing under the entrance to your building.

Use Professional Photography Services

Always work with a professional photographer to take shots that are meaningful and relevant to your service or product. You need to end up with a collection of high-quality photographs that you can use online, are very mobile friendly and good enough in resolution to go in your online marketing materials, sales brochures and newsletters. Great photos that have a clear, crisp finish will put out the message that you have a business that takes a good deal of pride in attention to detail and professionalism.

At EyeMedia Studios, we offer expert corporate photography services for our clients, whether big or small. We feature in-house photographers that have a large amount of experience when it comes to professional images. We will also work with other professionals to create shot lists and photo briefs for every new assignment. We have an extensive list of happy clients in the world from leisure and hotel trade, as well as food and drink, sports and fitness clubs, estate agents, IT specialists, packaging companies and solicitors.


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We will always make your images eye-catching to make your brochures and website stand out amongst all of the competition.