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Don’t settle for generic portraits that don’t capture your unique personality. Let EyeMedia Studios provide you with the expertly crafted professional business portrait that sets you apart.

Personalised Business Portrait Sessions

In the fast-paced world of business, making a lasting impression is essential. As a seasoned professional, you understand the power of image and how it can influence your professional success. Your attention to detail and drive for excellence extend beyond your work and into every aspect of your personal brand.

Crafting an impactful online presence demands more than words – it requires a visual representation conveying your professionalism, competence, and personality at first glance. This is where the artistry of a professional business portrait comes into play.

At EyeMedia Studios in London, we specialize in capturing the essence of individuals through our high-quality business portraits. Our modern approach to photography ensures that each image reflects your unique persona while aligning seamlessly with your company’s branding guidelines.

Enhance Brand Image

polished corporate headshot acts as your personal logo; it encapsulates your professionalism and unique persona in a single glance. With every scroll through social media, these images shape opinions and drive engagements.

Customised Photo Shoots for Showcasing Your Personality And Brand

Capture your unique personality and professional image with a tailored photo shoot. Work with us to create images that tell your story and highlight what makes you unique. Your personal brand deserves top-notch photos that reflect who you are and what you achieve.

Some Of Our Work

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Experienced Photographers and Professional Lighting and Retouching

Our photographers personalise your photoshoot to present your brand perfectly. They excel at making you look your best, examining every aspect of your appearance, from facial expressions to clothing choices.
This careful consideration ensures they find the most flattering poses and lighting for you, resulting in headshots that capture the real you.
With top-of-the-range cameras and lighting gear, our team captures remarkable images. But our work doesn’t end at the snap of the shutter. Each photograph undergoes meticulous editing, where we refine each detail, reinforcing your professional presence.
Expert retouching is crucial as well. It brings attention to what matters in a photo whilst concealing minor imperfections. Our skilful touch guarantees pictures appear genuine and refined across all digital platforms or printed media.
Our service is more than just snapping a picture; it’s about giving you an advantage in this competitive world.

Personalised Consultation and Styling

We sit down with you to discuss your requirements and the desired look for your professional business portraits. You’ll have the opportunity to share your vision and style choices while we pay close attention.
Our skilled styling team can assist in selecting appropriate attire that will help you stand out professionally without causing distraction.
Before taking any photos, we focus on finding the ideal pose and expression that naturally reflects your confidence.
Whether a sharp suit or an elegant dress shirt, we ensure every detail aligns with your brand’s message.

We take striking pictures that stand out in any industry, from fashion to finance.

Reach out to us today to explore how our personalized photography solutions can uplift and enhance the portrayal of your brand. We will create superior-quality photographs tailored perfectly to your specific preferences.

All Our Photo Shoot Packages include:

  • A professional photographer with over 25 years of experience
  • Guidance and direction throughout your session
  • Transparent pricing without any surprises
  • Retouched images


Business headshots are professional photographs taken specifically for business purposes, such as corporate profiles, LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and other professional platforms. They aim to present individuals in a professional and polished manner.

Business headshots can positively impact your career by creating a professional image and enhancing your personal brand. They can help you make a strong first impression, showcase your professionalism and competence, and increase your credibility among colleagues and potential employers.

Portrait photography generally refers to capturing a person’s likeness and personality through photographs. On the other hand, business headshots are a subset of portrait photography, focusing specifically on professional and business-related contexts. They are typically more formal and aim to present individuals in a professional light.

You can reach us online or by phone to set up a photo session. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for, pick a good time and place, and give you all the necessary information.

Why Choose us?

Attention To Detail And Professionalism

Attention to detail is paramount in crafting headshots that reflect an individual’s character and professional identity. Photographers concentrate on the minutiae, such as the precise shoulder angle or the head’s inclination, guaranteeing that body language exudes confidence and proficiency.
Every step of the portrait session brims with professionalism. From tailored consultations to styling guidance, ensuring clients are at ease is essential. This dedication aids in producing headshots that radiate credibility and a commitment to one’s professional persona.
The final images undergo expert retouching for social media, business cards, or promotional materials to achieve perfection. Expedient processing means these polished corporate portraits are swiftly available, set to showcase a renewed professional image wherever necessary.

Quick Turnaround Time for Final Images

Photography tailored to your unique preferences and goals, capturing the essence of your brand or personal identity. With a creative mindset, innovative ideas and artistic flair are applied to each project for stunning results that match your specific requirements.
A comfortable and collaborative environment is created where your input is valued throughout the process. Each photo session is tailored to suit individual needs, whether for corporate headshots, branding imagery or portraits.

Competitive Pricing

After getting your final images quickly, you’ll find our prices are just as impressive. We believe that great quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Eyemedia Studios offers competitive rates starting at $250 for a basic package, ensuring you get premium headshots without the premium price tag.
Our pricing strategy targets giving you more value than other photographers.
We understand the importance of having choices that suit your corporate needs and budget. That’s why we offer customised packages tailored to your preferences, whether staff photos or individual business portraits.
You can opt for colour or black and white, with options available on weekdays and weekends. Moreover, incentives and clear plans for photography products make it easy for you to pick what’s best for you without any hidden costs.

Satisfying Client Needs

Giving utmost priority to fulfilling client needs, I acknowledge the importance of delivering superior images that will enhance your brand’s visibility. As skilled and competent commercial photography experts in London, we at my company dedicate ourselves to fulfilling and surpassing all your expectations. From the first point of contact, we provide an indelible visual experience that culminates in delivering brilliant photos. Our history features a range of experience and meticulousness that satisfy clients with our comprehensive commercial photography services.
At Eyemedia Studios, we prioritise clients by providing personalised service and meeting their desires. My expertise lies in understanding what each client requires and delivering exceptional results consistently.

Contact us now to improve your brand’s public image while enhancing direct interaction with your clientele. Our expert photographer can aid in establishing your unique brand voice and create imaginative frameworks to differentiate you from the competition.

Enhance your visuals by scheduling a session today!

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Key Takeaways

  • Eyemedia Studios offers personalised business portrait sessions, including styling, professional lighting, and expert retouching.
  • Clients can choose outfits and backgrounds to match their brand during custom photo shoots guided by experienced photographers.
  • Professional headshots are delivered quickly, with a turnaround time that meets the fast pace of the business world.
  • The studio provides competitive pricing for its services, starting at £250 for a basic package with tailored options available.
  • Interested individuals or companies can contact Eyemedia Studios to book a session and enhance their professional image.

What are some headshot poses that are commonly used?

There are various headshot poses that can be used depending on the desired result. Some common poses include the classic head and shoulders shot, tilted head pose, crossed arms pose, leaning against a wall pose, and the candid or natural pose. The choice of pose depends on the individual’s personality, the purpose of the headshot, and the desired impression.

Can I use business headshots for my corporate photography needs?

Absolutely! Business headshots can be used for corporate photography purposes. They are commonly used for executive portraits, team photos, employee profiles, company annual reports, and marketing materials. Business headshots’ professional and polished look makes them well-suited for corporate imaging needs.

How long does it take to create headshots?

The time required to create headshots can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of individuals being photographed, the complexity of the setup, and the overall creative vision. On average, a single headshot session can take 30 minutes to an hour. It’s always best to consult with the photographer regarding the specific requirements and timelines.

Should I go for color or black and white headshots?

The choice between colour and black and white headshots depends on your preference and the photographs’ intended use. Colour headshots can be more vibrant and visually appealing, while black and white can convey a timeless and classic feel. Discuss your preferences with the photographer to determine the most suitable option for your needs.