How To Become A Fitness Model

Learn how to break in to the modelling industry and start your dream career as a model

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Wondering how to become a fitness model in the UK? We can help you suit up, step out and create a successful modelling portfolio for a strong first impression

Fitness models currently happen to be some of the world’s most popular models, as they blur the lines separating the fashion and fitness worlds. Keep reading to learn 8 tips you can use towards getting started on a successful path as a fitness model! These tips will point you in the right direction and get you one step closer to achieving those life goals.

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1) Know What Your Body Type Is:

Are you currently an athlete? Are you at least a former athlete? Are you in good shape? Knowing what kind of body and attributes you have makes it easier to understand what you can market about yourself, because when you know what corners of the industry you’d do well in, you know what to focus on, enhance, and improve.

2) Get Your Physique To The Right Point:

If you are considering fitness modelling, then your physique is your greatest asset. So be sure you’re happy with where you’re at before you begin applying yourself, be it building up your muscle mass or slimming down to a shredded and cut body you’ll show the world.

3) Practice Posing In Front Of A Camera:

Confidence in yourself and loving your body are two huge advantages to being active in the world of fitness, but transferring that to being in front of a camera is yet another thing. Look over photos and watch videos before you get in front of your mirror and practice your killer poses and movements so you can win big when your turn comes up.

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4) Invest Yourself:

Like most other careers, modelling in any industry means you’ll have to have the necessary tools available, including a perfect portfolio you can submit to various agencies. It’s one thing to look great, but you’ll also need to develop experience in knowing how to become a fitness model. Part of that is coming up with the right photos to share when you are seeking representation and work. 

5) Build Up Your Portfolio:

In this industry, your portfolio is pretty much your resume. It’s what you’ll use when you approach agencies or start applying to get work. We suggest you build yourself a robust portfolio from the start. You wouldn’t hand-written a resume, so don’t bother with an amateur portfolio. Those in the industry will notice how much effort you put in.

6) Approach The Agencies:

When you’re happy with your physique, you’ll be armed with a stand out portfolio that means it’s the time to start getting into the industry. Educate yourself through research to identify the agency ideal for the kind of work you’re hoping to do. Some agencies have broad lineups of models, but it’s crucial to identify one that is going to represent you in the specific way that you would like. Various agencies can differ in their approach, as some might be all walk-ins, meaning you can just show up for doing a meet and greet. Still, others prefer meetings to be scheduled in advance or even that online applications happen first. Dress appropriately when you do go to meet anyone, always being ready to show everyone your best.

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7) Network, Network, Network:

This is a huge factor in being successful in many careers, creative or not. Start with getting acquainted with the people you are going to work with. Be it guidance, advice, or just making people know who you are, it’s essential that you start making acquaintances across the industry, whether that’s casting agents, photographers, other models, or hair and makeup professionals. Always introduce yourself and look for new friends.

8) Stay The Course:

The journey from knowing you want to be a fitness model to being one is not a simple path. Never give up along the way. Some start their journey and find quick success. Others have to persist for much longer. Some of course never make it. However, until you try, it’s not impossible. That’s all you have to do, is try. Practice persistence, improving with every try. Even if one agency rejects you, that doesn’t mean everyone else will. Hard work does pay off in this industry, so having thick skin is a good idea. Keep plowing, and you’ll find your limits are higher than you might have ever realised!

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