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A Few Tips For A Successful Makeover Photo Shoot

Eyemedia Studios can design the perfect make-over photo session to create the images you want. A professional make-up artist will help you get ready so you can feel like a real model and can get photographs you will be proud to display. Bring up to three different outfits to play with the various styles once you get your hair and make-up done. Our photo shoots are fun and informal, but the results are amazing!

Have fun trying different poses and finding your inner model. You will get to look at the pictures taken during a private viewing to choose the ones you like. We will offer complimentary drinks and will make sure you have a great time at the studio. The stylist and photographer will take the time to know you and to find out more about what you wanted. This is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and to discover a new side to your personality.

What To Expect From Your Photo Shoot

What Happens During A Photo Shoot?

You and your friends or family will work with a make-up artist and a photographer to find the perfect look for your photographs. You won’t go in front of the camera until you are fully satisfied.

Once the photo shoot is done, you will review all the pictures that were taken during a private viewing so you can choose the best one. You will get an opportunity to take your favourite picture home in either a print or digital format and will be able to order some more files at an additional cost depending on which package you have chosen. We will provide you with complimentary drinks during your day at the studio.

Follow these ten tips for a fun and memorable makeover:

1. Try different angles during your photo shoot. Take some pictures with different expressions.

2. Come a few minutes early. Give yourself some time to relax and to get used to the studio. This will also give you some time to fix your hair.

3. Choose some clothes that make you feel comfortable. Outfits with too many details can distract from your look. You should avoid wearing patterns and bright colours, so the focus is on your look. Ask the photography studio for some tips.

4. Choose the photo that stands out from the other ones. You should go over the different pictures and pick the ones that stand out to you. At least one of the pictures will catch your eye right away, and this will probably be the one you want to keep.

5. A photograph is like a work of art. It should look good from all angles. Details are important. The photographer who works with you will pay attention to details and might tell you to adjust your hair or outfit during the photo shoot, but you should carefully go over the pictures you want to keep to make sure everything looks good.

6. Remember that your make-up and hair only need to last for the photo shoot. Don’t expect the process of doing your make-up and your hair to be similar to what you would do in a beauty salon.

7. Choose a simple concept for your picture. Don’t try to mix too many different styles or ideas.

8. Ask yourself what you want your picture to say. Best to stick to a simple concept like modern, cute, sexy, bold or pastel.

9. Look at your photos with an unbiased eye. We all tend to be very picky when looking at pictures of ourselves. You might be overly negative when looking at your pictures and should make an effort to be more neutral.

10. Love yourself! We all have our insecurities. Remember that some things about your appearance can’t be changed. Practice different looks, expressions and angles at home to find a flattering pose.

A makeover is an excellent way to feel fabulous about yourself and is also a fun experience. This might change the image you have of yourself and make you more confident.

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