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London Photographer

I know what you’re thinking….

You’re thinking about how much you dread having your  photograph taken. Am I right?

You need professional photos to help your amazing business or boost your online profile while looking professional, confident and approachable. If only you didn’t need to stand in front a camera because it feels awkward and is a nerve-racking experience.

My name is Bill. I’m a London based personal branding photographer and I can help you…

Wait, what’s a personal branding photographer? Well, it’s just a new fancy way of saying you’re a headshot photographer, portrait photographer or people-person kind of guy.  But really, what I am, is someone who is obsessed with making sure you look amazing in your pictures.

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Personal Website:

My Style

I love natural light photography! I need to thank many photographers who inspired me with this delightful new (or old) way of photography. I also do studio photo shoots using flash, but I use flash only when I have the right lighting and the right backdrop.

What I do

I take modern portrait photography with a hint of old school vibe. I love to take pictures of people and make them feel relaxed during their photo shoot like we’ve been friends for years. My goal when photographing my clients is to show the beauty, strength, and enthusiasm of people by taking professional pictures for them.

What I can Offer

I am a professional photographer who shoots candidly and creatively. I specialise in portraits for small businesses and individuals who want something unique that tells their story. I also have many years of experience shooting for commercial clients in fashion and music photography.



Our Style Guide will help you choose the right outfits for your photo session.


Our Posing Guide is full of tips and tricks on how to move and feel confident in front of the camera.

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