We can deliver top-notch retouching and airbrushing services for small to big businesses, plus individuals and models.

Our creative professionals work on all types of imagery from commercial photography to portraits while providing extremely fast turnaround times.

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All About The Different Types Of Retouching

If you decide that you or your business needs professional retouching done, then you need to determine which type airbrushing you need. The different types of digital retouching are for portraits, fashion and products. 

We also offer background replacement retouching for our clients who do not have access to specific locations but still want to convey a professional look in their profile pictures.

Fast Turnaround Times

EyeMedia Studios offer professional retouching services, specialising in beauty, skin, hair, body and still imagery. Our creative professionals work on all types of imagery with extremely fast turnaround times.

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Types of Portrait Retouching

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Skin Retouching

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Digital Art

Endless Possibilities: Product Photo Shoots Retouching

If you sell products, you might need professional retouching for your high-quality shots of your items. We also can cut out products on to clean white backgrounds which would suit your online stores and brochures similar to Amazon and other leading retailers.

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