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Top Tips For Corporate Group Headshots

Most companies need to have a corporate headshot for both regular employees and executives. A headshot is a photo that a company uses for identifying employees on their business websites, promotional resources, business cards and other company materials. What that means is that many individuals will see the photo that represents you as one of the company’s employees. Unfortunately, it might not always represent you in the that you feel most attractive.

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By using the following five tips, it is possible to transform your corporate headshot from one that is unattractive into something that is pleasing to the eye, and that will appeal to everyone.

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For Your Corporate Photoshoot Avoid Office Lighting

Corporate photography headshots are commonly taken in an office location where the lighting is a combination of overhead and fluorescent lighting.  Unfortunately, both of those of those kinds of lighting are very unflattering to people. To have a more attractive headshot, it is strongly recommended that you make arrangements to have your photos taken in natural light or outdoors.  If your photographers have additional lights, then it is recommended you use natural lighting combined with these lights to produce the best results.

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Schedule To Take Your Photos During The Afternoon

Most people rarely look their best first thing in the morning, especially those employees who have just made it to the office without having any coffee in their systems. We recommend that you schedule your photography session for the afternoon to avoid being photographed while you are still in an unpleasant state.

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Avoid Generic Backgrounds

If the aim of your company is to obtain customised, unique corporate headshots, we recommend that you avoid using generic backgrounds if at all possible. Personalised, friendly photos will reflect this appearance through using specific kinds of backdrops for each employee’s photo. For instance, the photographer can take pictures of people outdoors in front of your company’s business logo or outdoors.

If you have a young and creative company, it might be useful to get creative with your corporate headshots. By having employees holding company products or other items that reflect their personalities in their photos, you can create custom images very easily. Appealing, fun and attractive pictures of your staff will always make a significant difference in attracting prospective clients.

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Allow Plenty Of Time For Taking The Photos

One of the more common mistakes that people make when taking a headshot is to only schedule around five minutes for each individual. In most situations, the best thing to do is to schedule around ten to fifteen minutes for each photo. If the photographer is in a big hurry or your staff feels rushed, it will show on the individual’s face and in the picture.

Keep in mind that most people need time to look natural and relaxed in front of a camera. That is why scheduling time to allow this to happen is very beneficial. Keep in mind that the images are a representation of your company and the employees. It is essential to have everyone look calm and happy.

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Give People Some Privacy During Their Photo Sessions

If an individual feels tense or nervous about getting their picture taken, it will be harder for the photographer as well. To make sure that the photos are completed efficiently, we recommend that staff go individually to the photo sessions or just one group at once. Whether the photos are finished outdoors or indoors, it is best to select a private area for the location.

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How To Find The Best London Business Head Shot Photographer

Photography is both an art and science. When you are looking to hire a professional photographer or photography studio, it is vital for the person to have people skills and technical expertise for your Corporate Photo shoot. These personable skills will allow the photographer to make the individuals feel comfortable while still being able to accentuate your best physical features.

Choose A Photographer Whose Style You Like

When looking to hire a professional headshot photographer, it is very important for the photographer’s style to appeal to you. Although photographers do promote their services via word-of-mouth and community boards, we recommend that you should seriously consider photographers who have their professional websites since we are living in the 21st century Internet age and usually only professionals who have websites are the ones who take their profession seriously.

When you are checking out a photographer’s website, make sure to review their portfolio gallery and get in touch with the studio or individual whose style appeals to you. If you think their work is outstanding, then it is pretty safe to assume that they will be able to take great corporate headshots that you like.

Find A Professional Photographer Who Has A Good Balance Of Personable And Technical Skills

Photography is both an art and science. When you are looking to hire a professional photographer, it is vital for the person to have people skills and technical expertise for your Corporate Photo shoot. These personable skills will allow the photographer to make the individuals feel comfortable while still being able to accentuate your best physical features.

Do Not Hire A Photographer Solely Based On Price

Price is a very sensitive issue. Or course it is quite understandable that so many individuals will attempt to save money whenever they use photography services. However, it isn’t worth the risk for headshot services. You don’t want to hire the absolute cheapest photographer you can find since you will end up getting photos that are sub par. In fact, if you choose a cheap photographer, it is possible you will end up spending more money over time since the images will need to be re-taken. Headshots are a leading marketing tool, so therefore it can be worth investing in a more expensive photographer.

Although you might have some friends you try to use your need for having corporate headshots as a chance to earn money through providing photography service, that isn’t always the best choice for you to make. Although your friend might offer their photographer services, a professional who earns their living through providing photography services is a lot more likely to be able to produce more professional looking shots. After all, the photos that are provided with contributing to the person’s overall career and professional reputation. Finding a London-based headshot photographer who is skilled and experience will also help you to obtain the best executive headshots.

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