How To Prepare For Your Pro Photo Shoot


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How to get ready for your shoot

Here is some general advice to help clients get the most from their photo shoot. It’s not a good idea to just assume that anyone will know they need to moisturize the area around their nose before their pro photo shoot to avoid having dry, flaky skin.

What you will learn in this guide

  • How to Prepare For Your Shoot
  • Tips For Your Photo Shoot Session
  • What To Wear On Your Photo Shoot

Pro photo shoot client prep sheet

I will begin by stating that the best preparation for a photo shoot is always to get lots of hydration and rest. I am well aware that it can be difficult to thoroughly address every single item on the list before your session, particularly if you preparing a large group of people. However, if even some of them can be accomplished, it can have a significant impact on the photos you take.

What to wear

Probably the most frequently asked question when prepping for a photo shoot is “What do we wear?” This is a great question, and good wardrobe choices can enhance your photographs. We like to suggest using the following guidelines when choosing what to wear.

If you find any ideas in magazines or other places that you like, you can bring these with you to your pro photo shoot session. What you are attracted to, what moves you and what your feelings are about photography all provide a lot of insight into what your expectations are and who you are. Don’t ever hesitate to discuss your ideas and preferences with your photographer.

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