How To Prepare For Your Pro Photo Shoot

You have a photo shoot in two days, but you don’t know where to start.

Here are some basic but useful tips for getting the most from your photo shoot. It isn’t a good idea to simply assume that anyone will know they need to moisturize the area around their nose before their professional photography session to avoid having dry, flaky skin.

What you will learn in this guide

  • How to Prepare For Your Shoot
  • Tips For Your Photo Shoot Session
  • What To Wear On Your Photo Shoot
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Below are some tips from our guide:

Pro photo shoot client prep sheet

I will begin by stating that the best preparation for a photo shoot is getting plenty of hydration and rest. I am well aware that it can be difficult to thoroughly address every single item on the list before your session, particularly if you are on a tight schedule. But if even some of them can be addressed, it can have a significant impact on the photos you take.

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A Few Tips Before Your Photoshoot Session

Preparation before your photo shoot

Have everything you are intended to wear ironed and pressed the night before. Wearing wrinkle-free clothes can help give you a much more professional image.

Facial hair for men

All facial hair on men should be groomed. If you would like a few ‘rough’ shots first and then a couple of shots that offer a smoother look, make sure to bring your shaving kit with you and inform the photographer before your session.


Toes and fingers should be groomed and clean. For portfolios and actor/model headshots nails should be natural in colour (light pink, french, nude, etc). For family portraits and other photos they can be any colour. However, you should be careful that the colour of your nails doesn’t detract from your face and you as the main subject.

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Eat something

Eat! Before leaving for your session make sure that you eat something so that you won’t be hungry while doing your shoot. This is something I really can’t stress enough. During the shoot, you will have more energy, be more focused and look better. For very active people the key is hydration and nutrient intake. Bring a flask of water or some snacks. However, avoid coloured drinks, chocolate, etc. You don’t want to stain your teeth, tongue and lips.


For everyone, lips should not be dry; teeth should be clean and eyebrows groomed. If necessary, bring along a lip moisturizer or balm with you. Your lips always look better when they are moist.


You should get haircuts and facials a week before your shoot date.

We have more examples of this with pictures in our complete guide.

What to wear

Probably the most frequently asked question when prepping for a photo shoot is “What do we wear?” This is a great question, and good wardrobe choices enhance the photographs. We like to suggest using the following guidelines when choosing what to wear.

Comfortable Clothing

Confidence and comfort in how you look! While we are not suggesting that you wear your sweatpants because they’re comfy, we ARE suggesting that you feel confident and comfortable in an outfit. Making sure your clothes fit properly is just as important as feeling good about yourself; if you’re worried about how you look in an outfit, that will translate in your photos.


Avoid logos and labels! These can often be distracting in photos. We want the primary focus to be you, and not your shirt.


Eye-catching. Be sure to use colours and plaids in your photo shoots, and don’t be afraid to have fun with patterns. Just because a colour or pattern will be bold doesn’t mean it needs to look juvenile and loud. Adding depth and warmth to a photo can be accomplished by using jewel tones or pastels, while bright colours add light and fun. Keep things simple and professional — this will make your photos both appealing and stunning!

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Layers work wonders! Add texture to a photograph. Layering is a great way to add dimension to a photo. By layering multiple items, we create a rich texture on the surface of an image. A button up over a t-shirt, a jacket or a vest, these things add depth and texture to the surface of an image.


Accessorize! Jewelry, scarves, ties, hats, you name it. These are great ways to personalise and put finishing touches on an outfit.

Outfit changes

Don’t limit yourself! Bring more than one or two complete outfit choices if you can. Your photographer can help you decide which outfit will make the best photo depending on which background or location is being used.

Final thoughts…

In your photos, attitude is everything. A great picture makes a tremendous impact on how people are perceived online. For instance, posture makes a big difference between appearing professional and confident, or looking like a shy, clumsy wallflower.  Having the right photo doesn’t just help people make immediate decisions about who to connect with — it helps them feel more comfortable to connect with you.

These are just a few tips that can help you feel more confident and natural on your next photo shoot session.

To help you look great, we’ve created a free complete professional posing guide with more tips and detailed pictures for our clients who want to strike the right pose. Whether that means elegance or anything else, you can do it without breaking the bank or straining any muscles.

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