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Diversity and inclusivity have become pivotal in shaping a unique and memorable identity in the ever-evolving world of professional branding. One of the most exciting developments in this realm is the rapid growth of plus-size modelling. The demand for fuller figures has created an exceptional opportunity for aspiring individuals to make their mark on an industry that celebrates uniqueness like never before.

Finding your place as a plus-size model within the competitive landscape can be empowering and daunting. It’s not just about showcasing your physical attributes; it’s about confidently embodying your essence and personality through every shot captured. Aspiring models often face the challenge of creating a portfolio that truly stands out amidst a sea of talent, all while reflecting their individuality with authenticity.

The road to becoming a successful plus-size model begins with understanding the strategic significance of professional branding. It goes beyond external appearances; it involves cultivating a holistic image that effectively communicates values, expertise, and consistent messaging to resonate with your audience.

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A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you someone who has always wanted to become a plus size model? It can be confusing and daunting to figure out the whole modeling process. Well, fear not! This article will provide a step-by-step guide to becoming a plus size model. Start your journey to becoming a plus size model today! From coming up with a proper plan of attack to making the most of your career opportunities, we will walk you through everything you need to know.

What is a plus-size model? 

There’s no doubt that plus size modeling is on the rise. With more and more people becoming aware of the importance of body image and the need to see people of all shapes and sizes in the media, the industry is booming. However, becoming a plus size model isn’t as easy as it may seem.

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. Here are the basics of becoming a plus sized model:
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How do you become a plus size model? 

First, you need to be comfortable in your skin and have a portfolio showcasing your unique look. This means being willing to take risks and trying new things.

Be patient and continue networking with other models, photographers, and stylists to gain exposure. You can make it as an aspiring plus size model with the right strategy and dedication!

What did you do before you were a plus size model? 

Fulfilling the basics includes having an agent, being healthy and having a good physique. Having an agent will help get your name out there, and book shoots for you. These shoots can be challenging, but you can succeed with proper training and preparation. Persistence is vital – don’t give up on your dreams just because some bumps in the road exist.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to becoming a successful plus size model!
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There is no definitive way to prepare for a casting call, as the process varies depending on the type of audition you are seeking to take part in. However, some tips that may help include researching the specific type of audition you are applying for, practising your acting skills, and making a portfolio of your work.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to start modelling and getting runway show appearances may vary depending on your experience, body type, and style. However, some tips on how to start modelling and posing for runway shows include practising in front of a mirror, learning basic runway walking and modelling movements, and contacting modeling agencies or casting directors.


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What Kind of Plus Size Modeling Jobs are Out There? 

First and foremost, it’s essential to know what kind of plus size modeling jobs are out there. If you’re looking for plus size modeling work that pays well from the get-go, you may consider pursuing runway modeling or acting. However, don’t stop there – there are many other plus size modeling opportunities that you may not have heard of.

To find out if any plus-size modelling jobs are available in your region, check the casting website or social media profiles of major fashion labels. 

Fashion Plus Size Models 

Plus, size modeling can involve working as a runway model, lingerie or swimsuit plus size model, or any other clothing-based job. 
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Plus Size Over 50 Models 

Many models who started as plus size models became regular model types. For your modeling career to be successful, you don’t need to have an extremely skinny body type – in fact, plenty of aspiring plus size models are in the ‘in-between’ category. Furthermore, if you’re uncomfortable with your weight or body shape, modelling isn’t the right fit.

It’s vital that before applying anywhere, you feel comfortable and confident with yourself – otherwise, casting directors might not even bother seeing your submissions!
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How to build your portfolio 

Building a great plus sized model portfolio is essential for success. The first step is to submit your work directly to agencies specialising in casting plus size models. Make sure to submit high-quality images that are realistic and true to your figure. Remember to shoot them in positive and well-lit settings to create the best possible impression.

And last but not least, keep your portfolio updated and fresh – agencies are always looking for new and innovative work.

Appearance is key! 

Appearance is one of the most important factors for success in the modelling industry. By taking pictures of yourself in different outfits and posting them online, you will start building a professional portfolio showcasing your best features.

Uploading new images frequently will ensure you remain at the top of your game. While it might be tempting to disregard other aspects, such as modeling experience or qualifications, always stay professional!

This way, casting directors won’t hesitate to call you for an audition – no matter what their opinion on your looks may be!
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Get your headshots taken 

Having professional shots of you that casting directors and size modeling agencies can use will make your job search much easier. Make sure to take pictures that showcase your best features and show off your natural beauty. Shoot in high-quality settings to give the images an edge over other applicants.

Make sure you’re signed up with a modelling management company 

The modelling industry is competitive, and how you look in your portfolio can make or break your chances of landing a booking. Make sure all your photos are high-quality and professional-looking – this will set you apart from the rest. In addition to that, include shoots that showcase your versatility as a model.

For example, modelling agencies prefer models who have worked with different types of fashion houses, so don’t neglect to include shots featuring runway work, amongst other things. Furthermore, it is vital to keep up with current trends and fashion so that not only do all of your images look modern and cutting edge but also reflect the kind of projects or campaigns you would like to be associated with (for instance, being represented by a size modeling agency specialising in lingerie).

And last but not least, always submit complete portfolios for casting calls!
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What are the key points to remember while pursuing a modelling career? 

Modelling can be an excellent career for anyone who is confident, has good discipline, and is looking for an opportunity to make a name for themselves. The key points to remember when pursuing a modelling career are as follows:

  • Be confident when meeting new people.
  • Always be prepared to answer any questions.
  • Stay disciplined.
  • Keep up with your workouts.

If you consider these key points, you’ll be well on your way to a successful modeling career!

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What Jobs Are Available For Plus Size Models?

Regardless of whether you call it plus size or extended size modeling, there is incredible diversity within the curvy models market. You can find these curvy models in catalogues and magazines and even on runways. They’re in print campaigns and commercial advertisements for some of the biggest brands and by well-known designers. There is currently a need for curvy models to work in showrooms.

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Are There Any Physical Requirements?

Unlike in other parts of modeling the plus size model division focuses more on overall size rather than your exact measurements. In the majority of situations, these famous plus size models will be a size 12 and up. Typically, your waist will need to be about ten inches smaller than your hips are, but that’s just a general guideline. An exception to this rule is common in the fashion industry.

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Most models are 5ft 9 to 6ft tall, but this also varies. Models for fitness are between 5ft 5in to 5ft 9in, and for some types of commercial models, the height can vary. Regardless of your size, some aspects will be important, including having a high level of confidence, good skin, beautiful nails and teeth, and beautiful hair.

Do Plus Size Models Work Inside High Fashion?

Just like in other areas of fashion curvy models are now getting as much into high fashion as any other. Women who are bold beautiful, and curvy now walk the runways of New York’s Fashion Week by Mercedes-Benz and show off collections of John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, and other high-end designers. You can find these images in Elle and Vogue. Sports Illustrated is even now giving a swimsuit issue of women with curves.

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Are There Agencies For Plus Size Models?

Yes, with the increase in demand, there are plus size model agencies in London, New York, Paris, and around the world. Some of these play a significant role in creating some of the newest plus size superstars. There are now agencies that work exclusively with plus size models and others that work with them as one division of several.

The first agency to work with these models was called Big Beauties Little Women. It was established in 1977, and then in 1988, it was bought out by Ford Models. It is now known as Ford+ and is a speciality division within the company.

Begin with a reputable plus size agency via Google search and send them quality photos to get you noticed as a curvy model. would be an excellent place to start. They already work with some of the top curvy model agencies, and they have a lot of knowledge as well as connections within the plus size modeling industry.

You don’t have to have expensive photos or prior experience, but a professional portfolio with pictures showing your beauty will increase your chances of signing with a legitimate agency. Just make sure that you’re driven and professional and that you possess a little something special.

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