How To Become A Plus Size Model

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Wondering how to become a plus size model in the UK? We can help you suit up, step out and create a successful modelling portfolio for a strong first impression.

One of the fastest growing sectors within modelling is the plus-size industry. Until recently there hasn’t been as much acceptance or support, but now there’s a significant demand for fuller figures. This means if you have a voluptuous body and as a fashion model you can work your curves, there’s every reason to believe you can follow your dream and become a plus-size model. Are you ready to start? If so, here are some of the questions most commonly asked by those wanting to get into the plus size modelling industry.

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What Jobs Are Available For Plus Size Models?

Regardless of whether you call it plus size or extended size modelling, there is incredible diversity within the curvy models market. You can find these models in catalogues and magazines and even on runways. They’re in print campaigns and commercial advertisements for some of the biggest brands and by well-known designers. There is currently a need for plus-size models to work showrooms as well.

Are There Any Physical Requirements?

Unlike in other parts of modelling the plus-size division focuses more on overall size rather than your exact measurements. In the majority of situations, these models will be a size 12 and up. Typically your waist will need to be about ten inches smaller than your hips are but that’s just a general guideline. An exception to this rule is common in the industry.

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Most models are 5ft 9in to 6ft tall, but this too varies. Models for fitness are between 5ft 5in to 5ft 9in, and for some types of commercial models, the height can vary. Regardless of what size you are, some aspects will be important, and these include having a high level of confidence, good skin, beautiful nails and teeth, and beautiful hair.

Do Plus Size Models Work Inside High Fashion?

Just like in other areas of fashion the plus-size models are now getting as much into high fashion as any other. Women who are bold and beautiful and curvy now walk the runways of New York’s Fashion Week by Mercedes-Benz and show off collections of John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, and other high-end designers. You can find these images in Elle and Vogue. Sports Illustrated is even now giving a swimsuit issue of women with curves.

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Are There Agencies For Plus Size Models?

Yes, with the increase in demand there are agencies in London, New York and Paris and around the world. Some of these are playing a significant role in creating some of the newest plus size superstars. There are now agencies that work exclusively with plus-size models and others that work with them as one division of several. The first agency to work with these models was called Big Beauties Little Women. It was established way back in 1977, and then in 1988, it was bought out by Ford Models. It is now known as Ford+ and is a specialty division within the company.

Begin with a reputable plus-size agency via Google search and send them quality photos to get you noticed as a plus-size model. would be an excellent place to start. They already work with some of the top plus-size model agencies, and they have a lot of knowledge as well as connections within the industry. You don’t have to have expensive photos or prior experience but a professional portfolio with pictures showing your beauty will increase your chances of signing with a legitimate agency. Just make sure that you’re driven and professional and that you possess a little something special.

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