How To Become A Female Model

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Wondering how to become a female model in the UK? We can help you on how to create a successful modelling portfolio for a strong first impression

There are always people that would like to be just like or the next Kendall Jenner or Naomi Campbell, yet despite what movies are telling us, the task of becoming a successful model is not only about having great looks. It also involves having talent, uniqueness along with the drive and ambition to back these assets. Here are a few tips that you can use, that can guide you on how to become a model.

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1. Know What Type Of Modelling You Are Interested In

One of the most critical steps involved in becoming a successful model is to know the modelling type you would like to specialise in. There are many areas on offer from magazine editorials onto advertising campaigns or a catwalk model that advertises labels. 

There are also a lot more commercial choices like becoming a catalog or swimsuit model. Also, the plus-size modelling has gone onto making a significant impact over the last few years. Regardless of the area that you have chosen, the majority of the female models will start at a minimum height of 5’5, yet closer to 6’0 is more preferable.

2.Finding The Right Agency

Once you have decided on the modelling type that interests you, you will need to find the right agencies that specialise in this field. Today it is easy to find modelling agencies online with a simple term such as “model agency in my area” in a Google search, which will render a host of results. Make sure you are looking for agencies in your area and ensure you have conducted a bit of research about the agency first. Consider what type of models they are representing, the job types that they book and whether there are any valid complaints about the agency.

If any agency is asking you for money upfront, it is advisable to stay away. The so-called modelling packages listed by modelling schools are also regarded as scams. It is also important to be careful of individuals who are claiming that they represent a well-known and reputable agency. If a message or an email is coming from an account that is not official, instead contact this agency directly to find out whether this person works there. There are many scammers about that are just waiting to trick young and naive people.

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3. Take The Right Photographs

Once you have compiled a list of reputable agencies in your area the field that interests you, the next step involves making contact. Many online agencies will have a form where you can upload your stats and photos. The stats generally include your weight, measurements and height. They will also want to see photographs of you.

This doesn’t mean you always have to invest in a professional photo-shoot, but it will increase your chances of being picked up by a legitimate agency. Basic digital photographs are acceptable for many agencies. Ensure that you have included a full-length shot and a head shot. It is also advisable to wear a simple pair of trousers and a tank top, without any makeup on your face. The photos should be taken in natural light, so it is easy to view your features. You can expect a response in about four weeks, sometimes sooner.

Certain agencies will conduct open-calls, where they scout aspiring models that they see in the streets. You are usually able to contact an agency where you can ask about their schedule for open calls. Make sure you bring past professional work and pictures that are printed out. Keep in mind that even when they do not show an interest in you, many others might.

4. Social Media And Modelling

An essential factor in the modelling world of today involves social-media presence. Many brands won’t even think about casting models in their campaigns unless they already have an Instagram following that is sizable. At the same time, when you work on increasing your social media presence, the bigger agencies will be more prone to hiring you. Girls like Meredith Mickelson, Alexis Ren and Jasmine Sanders increased their modelling profiles due to their constant Instagram engagement. To go about these tasks, ensure you remain active by commenting on the popular Instagram accounts while updating your personal page every two to three days.

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5. Be A Model

When you are signed as a model, you also need to know about issues that are associated with these types of jobs. Dependent on the jobs types that you are booked for, travelling may keep you away from your home for days, weeks sometimes even months. Rejection is another critical factor, particularly when you are just starting out with your career and you have to become accustomed to it. Even when signed, many models still hold down part-time jobs to survive.

It would help if you always thought about an adequate backup plan, in case your career in modelling does not work out. However, for those that do make it, opportunities are fantastic and worthwhile. Models like Iman, Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen have managed to use their looks to achieve extremely lucrative careers, with all of them regarded as business smart. This is the career where you always need to think ahead.

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