Why You Need To Have Professional Corporate Headshots?

The importance of professional corporate headshots

In this current economic climate, it’s become more important than ever to get the right corporate headshots for your business and personal profile. Your image is everything. You need to get the right message out to employers and customers—the right message about you, your business, and your services.

Contrary to popular belief, a large company does not need to spend thousands of more pounds than a smaller one. And those smaller companies don’t need to spend thousands to begin with either. That’s why we recommend a professional PR photo shoot to get out your image and message to the public. These shots can be taken once and used for many vital purposes. The result is that many have found it necessary to innovate in the way they do business and take their marketing initiatives in new directions.

It has never been more important to present an image that is professional, modern and can show confidence. The first thing you want to do with these pictures it send them to local publications, such as newspapers and magazines, about your subject. You should include a press release and interview copies of the latest news coming from your company. If the rest of the media world becomes interested in you, you can provide these headshots alongside any interviews you give.

Boost your LinkedIn profile

For individuals looking to boost their profile,  a professional corporate headshot is just as important. Thanks to the internet marketing boom of the past decade, most businesses and individuals are in competition unlike ever before.

Corporate photography also works well for networking, something that is important to do both on and off the internet. They can be shared at meetings and in conferences. Having profiles up on your website makes it easier for potential investors and partners to see who you are.

Having a corporate photo for your CV could also be very important if you’re job hunting. It creates a good impression on potential employers. LinkedIn is a perfect example of this. Take a look at some of your colleagues’ profiles and see what a difference a professional headshot can make. Essentially, having a corporate photo for your business can either make you or break you these days. Not only could they help you succeed, but they can help you survive in this climate.Business everywhere have begun to appreciate the value of properly done headshots as a means of putting forth a polished, professional image.

What are corporate headshots?

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A corporate headshot is merely a 8×10 inch photograph of an individual’s head and shoulders, with the emphasis on the subject’s face.

Corporate headshots are not terribly different from those taken of aspiring actors, though they tend to be shot in colour. They also need to look more natural and less artistically posed. Male subjects tend to wear business suits and women dress in office-appropriate attire.

Ideally, these headshots will convey the individual’s personality and character and come across as approachable and honest.It is common for business enterprises to use these headshots in their annual reports, advertising campaigns and other marketing materials. Websites, mailings, press releases, catalogues and other publications are also great ways to make use of these images.There is no denying the growing role of headshots in the corporate realm. Some business even report asking job candidates to send in their own headshots even before they have been hired.

The bottom line is corporate headshots are used for projecting the right image

For all of the reasons listed above, corporate photographers are becoming increasingly critical to the success of any business or individual. Quality is key, and by investing in these highly important tools, businesses are far more likely to get the results and outcomes they truly desire.

What is the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional?

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These days many people like to behave as if they have talents that they don’t. One area in which this sort of presumption is very popular is photography. DSLR cameras are quite affordable now, so everybody has one or two or more. This leads them to think of and introduce themselves to others as “professional” photographers. These people believe that the fact that they own sophisticated equipment entitles them to charge lots of money for photos and expect to be treated as professionals, but there’s a lot more to being a photographer than just buying a camera. How can you tell if the person you are dealing with is a real professional photographer or a poser? Here some advice to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

How to tell a professional photographer from an amateur

An amateur usually wants to make money fast. Of course, real photographers like to make money fast, too, but that is not their main objective. A real professional is invested in creating high quality photography first. He or she is concerned with the way in which the image is captured, what emotion it evokes, whether or not it can be considered art and so on.

An amateur is mostly focused on the money. He or she will talk about rates and pull out contracts for clients to sign and try to hard sell clients into buying things they didn’t ask for.

A true professional photographer wants to do a good business and make money, naturally; however, it is apparent that a real professional is working in photography because he or she loves the art and craft of it.

A professional photographer is always studying and learning. He or she will take a great deal of time to study the work of other photographers and to take courses and read books on photography. They take time to practice, improve and hone their own knowledge, skills and abilities.

An amateur tends to present an air of knowing it all. They do not take the time for self-improvement because they do not realize that it is always necessary. They feel that they have already arrived at professional status and there is no room for improvement.

A professional knows that photography is a growing changing field and an art form. There is always something new to learn. They feel that they must evolve and engage in self-improvement to become the best possible photographers.

A professional photographer is recognized by unique style

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A true pro will have his or her own style and way of doing things. Amateurs just imitate what they have seen without developing their own style. Their advertising materials may even say “Get results just like…” followed by the name of a real professional!

Having a unique style is very important to a true professional. It defines an artist and makes him or her different from all others. A unique style will attract clients whose own personal style meshes and resonates with that of the true professional photographer.

How to find a corporate photographer

If you are looking for a good corporate photographer, check listings in your local phone book and newspapers. You may find excellent listings for local photographers there. Also, do a Google search and have a look at their website and view their work. A professional photographer will have a website that complements their work.



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