What Are Corporate Headshots?

Getting corporate headshots are essential for promoting yourself or a business. For an individual, your LinkedIn or other online profile gets a lot more views with a headshot. For management teams on the company web site, headshots are a great first impression with potential clients. Thus, if you are in the market for getting corporate headshots, here are three tips to help you.

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Do not Use a Selfie

Never use a selfie! A recent survey demonstrates you should not use a selfie for your headshot picture. The results found that 88% of hiring managers see a selfie for online business profiles such as LinkedIn to be unprofessional. And, some 58 per cent also said they wouldn’t hire somebody who’d used a selfie. While it’s easy to use a smartphone to take a selfie for a corporate headshot. It can be a critical business mistake to do so.

Therefore, it is best to avoid a selfie and instead use a pro headshot photographer.

Do your homework on a Photographer

Second of all, find a suitable professional photographer. Locating a corporate headshot photographer might be time-consuming. However, the last thing you need to do is hire one that turns out to produce unusable headshots. There are important points to consider when searching for a photographer.

This begins with making a list. Their location can also be important, especially if you are an individual. Corporate teams have more budget and can find a corporate photographer that is prepared to travel to them with a portable studio setup.

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Thus, if you are an individual or a small team, start a search within an area you’re prepared to travel to. If you are a company, you can probably span a larger search area for a corporate photographer willing to come you.

Consider Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed it down, shorten your list by looking at the review ratings and testimonials which are available online. A popular search engine will list photographers through a map. Once you have made your list shorter by eliminating reviewed photographers, start evaluating their work. Any legitimate professional headshot photographer is going to have a portfolio available on their website. Whenever you assess their portfolio, be sure to do it on a desktop monitor rather than your smartphone. It is easy to conceal low-quality pictures on a small screen. Additionally, nearly 50% of all Internet traffic still occurs on a desktop computer.

Assessing a corporate photographer’s portfolio is a matter of personal taste as looks and styles can be subjective. However, you must be sure of some levels of quality which include appropriate exposure and quality lighting. Additionally, you want to confirm the eyes in their work are concentrated and have life.

Assessing A photographer’s portfolio includes seeing if They Can Pull Off A look you want and also, correct exposure and sharp focus.

Get Studio Headshots First

You may like to think in practical terms about where you should physically take your corporate headshot.

There’ll be no problems with the weather if you are indoors. In the studio, a photographer who understands how to use studio lighting will be in control. This can be important to avoid glare that may occur in glasses. Or, you may want even light instead of harsh shadows. Additionally, you might have busy backgrounds when outside.  The focus should always remain on you. Utilising a studio is best for corporate headshots – be it a physical studio location or even a mobile studio that a corporate photographer could bring to you.

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Consider other potential uses for corporate headshots. You might have to submit one as part of your resume or CV. If you are an author of an article, you will sometimes have to submit a business headshot for your magazine to publish. Getting good corporate headshots can be a good asset on your branding, whether for a single business profile or to the corporate management team.

Don’t get bad headshots and don’t settle for the fastest and most affordable photographer. Make sure you book with a professional studio, who will help ensure your corporate headshot session is a success.

Optional Hints for Corporate Headshots

Plan your outfit

I think it helps just looking for ideas on-line. Locate people with the same colour, styles etc. and see what they did successfully. Make sure it’s something you want to wear. Believe me; it will show in your photos if you feel uncomfortable!

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Practice smiling

You’ll feel strange about it at first but do it at home in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Many men and women look great with a smile on their face. While others look better with a hint of a smile. See what works best for and try it on your photo shoot. I know only a few people that can pull off the serious face without looking angry. The trick is to smile to your eyes. Sounds weird but it works. Think of something that makes you laugh. Hopefully, your portrait photographer is going to be capable of directing you through this, but sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands!

Even a laugh can induce a real smile. Or think of a few hilarious things that you can remember while you’re standing in front of the camera.


Ideally, your portrait photographer will direct you. However, in case that doesn’t happen, there are a number of things that make everybody look better;

Put your chin down and push it out toward the camera. This will make your jawline to be more pronounced and by putting your chin down, it makes your eyes open up.

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Relax and smile

Your corporate headshots will look far better if you look happy and are relaxed.



Our Style Guide will help you choose the right outfits for your photo session.


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