What To Wear For Corporate Headshots

Are you thinking about which outfits to bring for your corporate headshots shoot?

I am frequently asked; What should I wear for my Corporate Headshots photo shoot?. Fairly straightforward, you imagine. Wear what makes you feel good, what’s ideal for your field of work and what looks good. There are a couple of things though that you may not know or have thought about.

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Avoid pinstripes or small patterns

Small patterns or pinstripes can cause what’s called moirĂ©, in which computer screens display wavy patterns because the design of the fabric is small and condensed. It may be kind of distracting. It is isn’t an issue for print, but it is better to be avoided if the pictures are to be used online.

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Avoid patterns with team shots

This is strike two against small patterns. I do think patterns can look good on their own if they’re not too small. But imagine you are getting a shot with your entire team, and one individual has a leopard print top, and she’s standing next to someone in a plaid shirt. Plus they are next to someone in a floral shirt. You get the idea. It is simply better to say no to patterns in group shots. I find that everybody has and looks good in blue and grey.

Know the background

This is very important in choosing a shade or colour for your outfits. I tend to think grey looks good on just about everybody, but I wouldn’t recommend grey when shooting on a grey background. Similarly, a lighter colour like cream would only wash off against a white background. In case you are going to have a wide range of backgrounds and won’t be changing often, think about something which would compliment them all. If you cannot find that one thing, then add a scarf or a jacket which you can take off quickly for additional looks. If you’re considering to choose a background for your company, a solid coloured background will give a clean, consistent look for you and your staff.

Additionally having a wide range of backgrounds gives you a lot more choices for utilising the images for a wide range of promotional material like publications, social network and blog posts. If you and your team are creating a lot of online content, it’s more important to have a couple of alternate pictures to choose from. This way, you are not utilising the same images over and over again.

Think about the branding colours

You wish to wear outfits which are going to match your web site and advertising material. This is especially important if your an entrepreneur like myself, who is very conscious about my brand and imagery.

Black and white vs colour

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If the pictures are in black and white, you should also think about contrast. You do not need everything to be in the same shade when in black and white pictures, every colour looks similar. A dark suit with a white shirt and dark tie will provide enough contrast in black and white pictures.

Portrait Headshots vs Full Body Shots

The majority of the time, a corporate headshot is from waist up, but there are times when I have needed to take a full-body shot. It is better to plan for that than to put on something that is only intended for upper body headshots.

There are several other considerations which may apply to your business. Let’s say you a nonprofit organisation which helps people living in poverty? In that case, you might want to ask your team not to wear something bling or bring or wear any jewelry which would call attention and imply wealth.

Maybe you run an international company, then you need to be very sensitive to other cultures? These are all considerations to talk about with your photographer. The photographer should work with you or your team to capture the best pictures that represent your business. I hope advice can help you in choosing outfits for your company Photos or Corporate Headshots!

The good news is that corporate headshots are not what they used to be. It is no longer a college photo style shoot where you run in, get told how to stand, how to look, what angle to tilt your head, and when to smile. It is more natural these days. It is fun, it is friendly, and it accomplishes photos that look like YOU. These pictures provide you or your company with character and approach ability.

Also, business prospecting has shifted. Customers now need to know who they’re dealing with. I need to supply you with headshots which can convert clients for you. I need to make sure your photography experience is a relaxing one. And my clients always tell me that I am good at making them relaxed – it comes easily. If you are still worried, here are:

Five suggestions to make your brand new company headshots effective and relaxed

Bring more clothes

A pair of shoes

I know how it works – the morning of you headshots you’re at home with five different outfits on the bed wondering is this better or if a combination of these would be better. Why not take them all with you to your shoot!

As your photographer, I am thinking about more than just what looks best on you and if you cannot decide which looks best overall. I can help you decide on which outfit works with which background.


It is not a good workout, but if you do some light stretching before your shoot, you’ll look less rigid. Stretching also has the same impact as working out and releases endorphins to assist you to feel more happy and relaxed.

Be yourself on your corporate headshots shoot

What does that mean, right? It means you do not think about it. The more you think about your expressions, the less your expressions look real. Place your mind at ease, have a chat with me, laugh at my stupid jokes and trust me to get the best expressions out of you.

Be on time

There is nothing more stressful than being late, which will show in your photos. Come to your photo session ten minutes early, have a cup of coffee or tea and strut into your photo shoot more relaxed and confident.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Obviously, all of us have things about ourselves we don’t like. Whether it is a feature, body shape, or that thing our mouth does whenever we smile. And because we do not spend all day smiling at ourselves in front of the mirror. It can be intimidating when we see our pictures in high resolution with our flaws on display. Rest assured that nobody else will see these imperfections. It is always better to feel and look confident than attempting to hide them.

I promise to make you feel comfortable and deliver the sort of photographs you need, not the kind you have had before. 

What type of headshots are you looking for?

Environmental Portrait/ Head Shot

Environmental Portrait Headshots is more for business people or CEO’s who prefer to be shown in their work environments. This is a style frequently used for business or magazine advertisements.

A man sitting in a chair using a laptop

Traditional Business Headshot

A Traditional Business Headshot Style is ideal for almost everything. We use a backdrop that is darker, with a rather subtle look to improve your professional headshots.

If you are interested in booking a corporate headshots session for you and your team, then please get in touch. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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