Hiring a professional photographer to take corporate headshots is a smart investment

Okay, granted, I’m a professional photographer. I am going to say why it is important to hire a professional photographer for corporate headshots. I know it sounds bias. However, allow me to explain the importance of professional headshots and what it means to you or your business.

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Maybe it is your competition?

Maybe it is a product you use or like? What’s the photography like on their site? Odds are, if they’re crushing it, then they’ve great photography on their website. Whether we like it or not, the pictures on web sites or our profile pages matters. People want to relate to the faces of the people they work with. As business increase their online presence, it becomes more important to add character to web sites. You need to show prospects who you are.

What is the competition doing?

If others in your industry have pictures of themselves, so should you. If others in your industry don’t, then you certainly should. This will be your chance to stand out from your competition!

Quality Matters

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Quality AND Quantity

The number of quality pictures that you may get from a pro photoshoot will far exceed the one Okay one you may get in your garden with your friend taking your photos.

I hate having my photo taken!

Trust me. I completely get it! It is uncomfortable for me too. However, I still do it. I find someone I trust who’s going to allow me to capture pictures that I am happy with. It is not painful, just uncomfortable. The investment will pay for itself with new jobs or job offers!

Why Should I hire a pro photographer for corporate headshots?

What are corporate headshots?

It’s just a picture of you, right? Is it that important? Yes! It’s important. Your headshot says a ton about you or your company without you ever opening your mouth or writing a phrase. When people look at your headshot, they are getting an idea about you. They see your look, brand, age, style, and professionalism. Some of your character also comes out in your corporate headshot. Yes, your headshot says a good deal about you.

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As you are planning your corporate headshot, you must choose what is important. Let us take a look!

Your Face

Your face has to be in the shot. But be careful with how you present yourself. A lot could be said about you by how you look. If you are planning for a corporate shoot, then you probably work in some professional industry. For instance, an overgrown beard on an attorney doesn’t exactly show attention to details. Your clients are searching for someone that does not cut corners.

You would like to present your best self, but you do not need to overdo it either. For instance, many women might choose to opt-in for a pro-make-up artist for the shoot. But you must look like yourself in the photo. Ask your make-up artist for a flattering, natural look that will not leave people wondering if you are the same person when they see you.

Your Hair

For corporate headshots, you do not need crazy hairstyles. It’s best to help keep your hair away from your face.

But do not go crazy with the style. Headshot day isn’t the time of experimentation. You need prospects to see the real you. Try to keep it straight back and out of your face.

Your Clothes

What you wear is also an integral part of the impression that the photo will make. For corporate headshots, you generally need to stay in neutral colours. If you would like to wear a print, it ought to be low key.

The concept isn’t to take the attention away from the face. In the same vein, big flashy jewelry is not the best idea either. Also, the style of your clothing needs to be by whatever work you do. The psychologist wearing a loud Hawaiian print does not convey the reassuring calmness that you need to exhibit.

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Pick a Pro

The right photographer will know how to use light and their experience to show the best side of you. They’ll aim for getting the correct expression on your face which will communicate a little about you as well. Looking to go beyond only a headshot? For many businesses, a corporate headshot is a requirement of the executives and also the workers. These pictures are used on company web sites, business cards and promotional materials.

This usually implies that many individuals are going to see your photograph, and it might not be presenting you in the manner which you feel attractive. Lots of people don’t like having their photo taken anyhow, and once it is picture day at the workplace, they dread it. The most typical complaints are that headshots are too generic and unattractive. Well, with these five basic suggestions, your corporate pictures can go from just ok to wow!

1: Avoid office lighting

Most corporate headshots are taken in a workplace location, where the light is a combination of ambient and fluorescent.

Both of these types of lighting are unflattering. Arrange to have your pictures taken outside, or inside a room with lots of natural light. Even when your photographer brings extra lights, mixing those with natural light is preferable to office lighting.

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2: Schedule your pictures in the afternoon

People rarely look their very best in the morning, especially when they’ve only arrived in the office and have had their coffee break nevertheless! The optimum time of day to book your photo session is right after lunch. Having a corporate headshot session can be stressful for many individuals.

To lower anxiety, plan for the pictures to be done when everybody had a little time to unwind, to relax and also to get ready to have their photo taken.

3: Allow lots of time

A common mistake would be to schedule for about five minutes per person. In most situations, it is far better to schedule for 10-fifteen minutes for group or every person. If workers feel hurried and the photographer is feeling rushed, that is going to show in the pictures, especially in people’s facial expressions. It can take some time for individuals to unwind and look natural in front of a camera. It is worth scheduling time for it to happen. Remember, these pictures are a representation of your business. Therefore it is essential that everybody looks happy to be there!.

4: Give people some privacy

If somebody is already feeling stressed about having their picture taken. It is going to be much more strenuous for them if their co-workers are looking at them. Organise to have everyone go in the session one at a time or one group at a time. And whether it is outdoor or indoor, choose a location that is enclosed or personal, away from onlookers.

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5: For company pictures, avoid generic backdrops

In case the tone of one’s business is friendly and personable, your pictures should reflect that. Rather than one dull background for everybody’s image, have your photographer take photographs of individuals at their work areas, or outdoors or in front of the company logo.

In case your business is youthful and creative, so be creative with your headshots. Have pictures of your workers holding your company goods, or holding something up that represents their job ability or their personality. Fun, attractive shots of the employees and executives of a company, can make all the difference. The power of vision is observed in the present business environment with a prominent emphasis being put on social networking and web sites for image sharing. The social networking or site image is regarded as a profound influence on the state of mind of existing as well as potential clients.

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