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It appears recently I’ve been getting increasingly more calls for business headshots and professional portraits in London. Not only because I get to work, but because business headshots are far more essential than people realise.

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There are loads of bad headshots out there. I see a social network like Facebook and Linkedin all the time with dreadful images of people, and it could make me cringe. This is your card! This is your first impression! The day is long gone whenever we may treat a pro portrait just like an annoyance to be shot once every ten years or so. We are living in a universe of images.

Think about your business headshot the way you’d think about a job interview. You want to look your best; you would like to be ready, you would like to smile and be confident. Well, you want your headshots to signify that, and that means great lighting, great posing and a pro photographer. I cannot stress enough how important it is to treat your online image the same way you handle your real-world image. The two can’t be separated.

It does, regardless of what kind of headshots you need. Modern or Environmental, they both require a photographer with a good skillset and expertise. It’s hilarious, but you’d think that a head shot is going to be one of the simplest things to do as a photographer; however, it’s precisely the opposite. It’s easy to do but hard to do well. The results of some good business headshot sessions are obvious. Just a little retouching goes a long way as well. Not too much that you look fake but just enough that you look your best is the secret.

Top 5 Uses For Professional Headshots

Great, clear professional headshots can do you or your business a world of good, but only if you use it!

Should you promote a product or service directly to your customers, or you’re the owner of a business, then a pro headshot becomes your personal brand and something which your target audience connect and engage with.

You must get a good quality headshot to the market who you’re. You then need to use this across different platforms, so people get as used to your face, as they get used to your brand and business.

Everyone knows that in this present day, people buy people — consumers don’t just need to know exactly what they’re buying, they would like to know who they’re purchasing it from too. This is where your professional headshot may help.

So what are the top 5 most common uses for business headshots?

1. Your Website

Probably the most viewed pages on your business website would be your home page. I’d recommend placing you or your staff front and centre. Customers take a look at your company and what you market. Then they look at who they’re purchasing from.

As a pro photographer, I think it’s important to practice what I preach. I want my customers in and around London to see and recognise me.

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2. Blog Posts

In case you have good blog articles on your site, likely, these will probably be shared with your audience. Make sure there’s a bit about you in the bottom of the blog with your professional headshot image too. This could be another way that the reader may feel connected and engaged to the author, you.

3. Social Media

As we have said, people buy people. On your social networks, folks don’t need to talk to your logo as it seems like they’re talking to a robot. Instead, they would love to talk to you, as this is made more comfortable with a photo of you. You wouldn’t turn up to a networking event with your logo covering your face, so why would you network on social media in this manner?

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4. Email Newsletters

We receive loads of e-mails and business newsletters every week, some of the firm names and offerings we’ll understand and others we’ll not. Adding a pro headshot to the top of your e-mail newsletter won’t only aid your newsletter to stand out, but it will also help the recipient remember you because they’ve talked to you or met you previously.

5. Business Cards

Whenever we network, we gather a lot of business cards from the people we meet. These business cards then move into a handbag or briefcase and are dug out in a week or a couple of days. By this time, we have forgotten who the person was that we wanted to follow up with. Nevertheless, your professional headshot will assist in jogging their memory plus they’ll quickly remember who you are so that they can follow up with you.

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