What To Wear For Business Headshots

Business Headshots is not something we refresh as often as we should. So here are my ideas on getting the most out of your photoshoot.

A man wearing a suit and tie looking at the camera

1. Think about what you’re going to wear

Graphic logo t-shirts, brand names, or slogans are out. Even when it’s a company shirt the text is often cut off in the shot and may look absurd. As this photo is going to last a couple of years on the company’s web site and in their promotional materials. That popular group today may not be so popular in the future.

Also, patterns and stripes don’t work well on a computer or smaller screens. The stripes often form a pattern mainly if the picture is small on screen. Patterns may look trendy in person but are usually too busy for this sort of photo where the focus ought to be on you and not your clothes.

Remember as well that headshots can get converted to black and white, so the tones that you wear are significant. A pink tie with a light shirt, for example, may look great in real life but in a  black and white photo, they could blend together.

2. Shiny Skin

Professional photographers are going to utilise studio strobe lights to get consistent results and also to make you look your best. There’s a disadvantage to these lights in that they can make your skin look shiny/sweaty greasy, particularly on a hot day. A small concealer for the ladies and a swipe with a baby wipe for the guys will go quite far to eliminating that look.

3. Your Hair

A person standing posing for the camera

4. Make Up

A fairly natural look is best. That is a shot of you looking like a specialist, so the look you needed on a night out is a little overboard. Ensure that it remains easy and ensure it something which feels great to you.

5. Glasses

Glasses are worth mentioning in that there are a couple of rules to bear in mind. Should you wear them all of the time, then you should wear them in the photo. Remember, it is to look like you. Make sure they’re clean — I mean really clean and push them back as far as they’ll go so they won’t cover any part of your eyes.

A woman posing for a picture

6. Your Best Side

A lot of people have a preference with how we see ourselves in photographs. Just as you should when you have a blemish you want to minimise, let the photographer. She or he would like you to look the best too. A lot of people aren’t satisfied with the way their teeth look. I am not a lover of a large cheesy grin for a business portrait anyway, so maintain the smile that is toned down somewhat.

We’ll help you enhance your pictures with perfect posing, whether you’re looking to max your earning potential, get that interview, casting call, or hot date, land that big client, or just boost your connections.

A person standing in front of a window

7. Mirror Check

The last item is to check yourself in the mirror continually. This is a once over to ensure you’re satisfied with the way you look.

Your hair is neat and clean, your tie is straight, and the top button isn’t showing, and if you’re a big smiler, there isn’t anything stuck in your teeth.

Exactly why  business headshots photo matters

Pro headshots help sell your brand or company – essential to any role. Get the photograph wrong. Then all the work you have put in your profile or webpages will probably be undone in one swoop. Surprisingly, a substantial number of individuals do not bother adding a picture to their site at all. People like to know who they are dealing with, and also to get as much info to hand as possible. Without a photo, they’re very likely to click off and check the competition instead. LinkedIn says that search results page on its own site for links including a photograph is seven times more likely to be clicked on than those without.

On Twitter, a lack of photo leaves you with an egg picture where the photo should be – on LinkedIn; it is a shape. You’re left with no choice. Strong headshots, and on the other hand, gives you an individual allure, visibility, personal branding, credibility and, above all, recognition. So it pays to be picky when deciding on which picture you will use on your professional social profiles. The picture should be recognisably you and of you alone. In the same time, the quality should be good enough and not look pixelated. The lighting should be crisp and also the photo should be nicely cropped.

While straightforward, business-like headshots are typically the best strategy. If you are, say, a foreman working in business or production, a picture of you standing in front of machinery might be suitable.

Team Headshots Session

A group of people sitting at a table
  • What’re the benefits of staff business headshots?
  • Who must have it done?
  • What will be the usage of these photos?

Here are a few sample questions you could have regarding a group headshot session. Also, there the use.

First, upgrade and unify the headshots and profile images across your web site, e-mail signatures and advertising and marketing materials. Quite frequently in addition to routine headshots, staff pictures are oriented towards showing the character of people or to send a sort of a message to visitors on your site. Think, enjoyable, friendly, compassionate or capable, resourceful, etc.

Who uses this kind of pictures and for what reason? Those pictures are commonly employed by small to moderate local businesses and some other businesses doing face to face business with their clients. Anybody who depends on getting business through their web site may benefit from upgraded business headshots and group photos.

If you’re a physician and have your very own clinic. A staff headshot session could be an ideal start to updating your site to better connect with your prospects. Design studio employing people might have very intriguing team pictures revealing their team personalities. Real estate agents and agencies utilise headshots and staff pictures. This lets clients get familiar with their workers before they can be even contacted for the first time. The options are infinite.

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At EyeMedia Studios we do staff headshots in our studio or on location. We focus on providing business people with modern business headshots and group pictures for their web sites, marketing and social media.

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