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The idea that looks don’t matter simply is not true, especially with regards to business headshots in the corporate world. No matter if you’re a working professional, job candidate, or employer, you have an opportunity to make a lasting first impression on people you meet.

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Before you reach for your mobile phone camera to take your new website or LinkedIn profile photo, stop for a moment. You provide clients with our best services if you’re a business owner. Don’t sell yourself short with worthless selfies. The cost of headshots should not be a deal breaker if you looking to promote yourself professionally.

Our Business Headshot Packages start from £95

Why business headshots would be your best shot

Your potential clients want to know who they’re working with before the work begins. Adding an image of yourself to your web site, online profiles, business cards, along with other promotional materials, gives your business a more human side. And once you network in the area, your customers and prospects will be able to associate a name with a face!

A quality photo of yourself will also help you stick out from the competition. Individuals who see you online will take you more seriously because they can see you put thought and effort into your organisation’s picture.

Time for a business headshots upgrade

What if you have business headshots? If they were taken over two decades ago, you have to update your branding collateral. You don’t need to confuse clients by appearing much older in real life than you do in your pictures. Also, other modifications you’ve made to your appearance (weight loss, new hairstyle, etc.). Will warrant an upgraded professional photo.

Dress to impress

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Wear professional, well-fitting clothing that makes you feel comfy. Avoid patterned clothes; stick with tried and true colours that are strong. You may choose to dress in colours which are likely to make you “pop” should you be in front of white or dark backgrounds. If you’re unsure if your ensemble will work, bring three different choices to your photoshoot.

Men should wear a dress shirt without or with a polo, or a tie. If you’re going jacket-less, prevent wearing white, as it will look bright.

Ladies, limit your clothing options to tops and gowns with sleeves. Keep your jewellery minimal and simple. And with regards to make-up, make sure it looks natural; prevent dyed or weathered powders and too-bright colours.

Other business headshots photo shoot tips

On the shoot day, you’ll want to keep the following suggestions in mind:

You’ll need a range of headshots to working with. Ask your photographer to take both horizontal and vertical shots of you. Tell your photographer, should you wish to use a colourful backdrop. Odds are, she or he will use a backdrop, like white or grey, unless you state otherwise.

While on set, bring a hairbrush, make-up, and whatever else you want to help touch up your own face.

Bonus tip: If you bring your last headshot with you, your photographer can work with you and see what could be improved this time around. Investing in a pro headshot is investing in your livelihood. Book a professional headshots shoot which will impress you or your clients. Plan ahead and book your photo shoot today.

Putting Your Best Face Forward: Business Headshots

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Headshots can supply the first impression of the company workers to customers as they conduct due diligence or review a proposal. Worker headshots should communicate professionalism, confidence, and character, and may set the tone for how customers perceive your firm.

All too frequently, people salvage a headshot from a photograph instead of taking a pro headshot. When it may be an attractive photo, multiplying can distort the picture proportions or limit resolution quality. A casual photo might not depict a desirable professional appearance, possibly due to the holiday party apparel or a background. Regardless of the rise of mobile phones and digital cameras, selecting a pro photographer is worth the investment. Given the broad usage of headshots on business web sites and social network platforms like LinkedIn, photographers now specialise in business headshots. There are numerous selections available, from franchises based photography chains to separate professional photographers.

A proficient photographer will work with workers to capture the perfect shot. A subtle inclination of the mind or minor adjustment to the chin could make a drastic difference in the finished result. Professional photographers have the experience to convey your business culture with fun and genuine shots. One way to get the right photographer would be to notice the photo credit on headshots you admire or reach out to the topic for contact information. Preparation is crucial for a successful photo shoot, so make sure to notify employees as soon as a shoot is scheduled.

Some common questions include:

What to wear?

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Clothing options should align with business type and reflect the company’s culture, whether casual or formal. Business attire with simple lines adds a classy touch, while clothes with busy patterns or ill-fitting items which gap or stretch may appear sloppy and deflecting. Tell workers of the chosen background colour in advance so that they can prevent wearing similar shades.

Where do we go? To take headshots of a lot of workers, a lot of businesses will host a photo shoot their office, an outdoor place, or possibly a job site. For two or three new hires, a photography studio located close to the office offers minimal interruption to an employee’s workday.

What time works best?

Late mid-day photo shoots must be avoided to prevent tired expressions and rumpled clothing. Instead, aim for morning scheduling and permit ample time to take pictures and arrange time slots for each worker.

Headshot Dos and Don’ts: simple measures for achieving an ideal photograph

A headshot photoshoot is a chance to make a fun bonding experience utilising lighthearted humour to ease nerves and also prevent formal expressions.

The following suggestions will assist employees to come ready and relaxed.

When preparing for a photo shoot, do’s:

  • Put on something which makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Bring alternate clothing in case of a last-minute wardrobe change. It is best to come prepared than to have to reschedule for a later date.
  • Look your best by drinking plenty of water and getting rest on the days leading up to the photo shoot.
  • Pack lint rollers, a hairbrush, and cosmetics for touch-ups.

When preparing for a photo shoot, then don’ts:

  • Wear trendy jewelry or high fashion clothes that can date the photo.
  • Worry about your shoes or bottom 50% of your outfit. Traditional headshots occupy 60% of the picture with the head and shoulders, so the rest of you will not be visible.
  • Try drastic new hair or makeup applications.

If you wish to convey competence with an approachable demeanor. Set your company’s best face forward with premium quality headshots. It is an investment all professional service companies should consider necessary.

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Professional headshots for business people

People looking to upgrade their site, advertising materials such as flyers or business cards and social websites require professional headshots for business. Are you one of those people? Are you working on a fresh look for your online presence? We are here to assist. We’ll work with you to make the best headshot for each of your online and print needs.

With experience working with people, groups and whole teams, we’ll make sure your brand new headshots will stand out from the crowd. Creating an updated look that fits with your present brand theme or shooting a completely new strategy for your headshots.

Getting new headshots for business taken maybe sometimes stressful. At our conveniently situated London photography studio, we’ll make sure your headshot session is as easygoing and pleasant as possible. With tried and proven procedure, we’ll make you feel at ease and confident about your new business portrait. Your new headshots will be professionally retouched to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are experienced in retouching business headshots for both man and women. You will have confidence that your new headshot for business will be the best one yet. Your site is the perfect place to get new customers online. So your company portraits ought to represent you the right way you want your clients to see you. Prior to the session, we supply you with posing tips and the wardrobe guide to get the most out of the session and ensure your new look will be the best.

We’re looking forward to chatting with you about a new headshot for you and your whole team. Remember: Let us ensure you look your best.



Our Style Guide will help you choose the right outfits for your photo session.


Our Posing Guide is full of tips and tricks on how to move and feel confident in front of the camera.

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