Why Do You Need Professional Headshots

When was the last time you upgraded your professional headshots?  Your pictures are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Have you considered how valuable these pics are to your customers and prospects? But are they telling your story? Are you connecting with your customers? Are they making you money?

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Did you know your professional headshot can do all those things? Well, they can. Personal branding photography is the art of utilising photographic images to tell your story online. Social media influencers, online educators, small business owners and even you can set yourself apart with a personal branding photoshoot!

Professional Headshots = Your Online Resume

These pictures are the world’s first impression of you before they know anything about you. Unless your pic is unprofessional, out-of-date, not accurate or does not convey the right message. Then you need to update your online presence which tells your story.

Let Your Headshots, Work for You

Always keep in mind, that your very own professional headshot is not a portrait. I would like you to ditch the term headshots, all together and replace it with brand photography. These pictures are not as much about beauty, perfection and posing as they’re about who you are and what you do. If you are taking time and money to invest in pro headshots with a professional photographer, make sure these photos reflect your character and let them work for you.

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You should be utilising these pics across social websites to show the world WHO you are and tell YOUR story.

To pull this off, you will need to plan ahead. Know why you need your headshots and how you will use them. Then, from there, develop a strategy for success throughout your session. One small trick is making a to-do list on your phone of all the important pictures you need. This way, when photoshoot day arrives, you know precisely what images you need. Preparation is key here.

Here is what I have learned from 25 years of photographing entrepreneurs

Before we go into this, I must assure you I know exactly what I’m talking about. I have worked all around the country doing branding photo shoots for social media influencers, luxurious realtors, business coaches, yoga studios, podcasters, and fitness professionals.

Put simply, it is worth your time to pay attention here and implement these plans into your very own company because I practice what I preach and have worked with a few big clients.

Personal Brand Photography

Photos which should be at the TOP of your list! Do your pictures need to show your character and build trust? The trust factor affects sales and buying decisions, which proves that if somebody has a relationship with you and trusts you, they are FAR more inclined to buy.

So pictures that showcase character are a MUST with all professional images! Also, photo shoots are nerve-wracking for most people, but a few. You need a professional photographer who’ll look after you and show you how to pose and what to do. Tell you what to wear and make you laugh. You want assurance that the whole process is covered and your investment will be a pleasant experience and proper use of time.

Your professional headshot can be used for your business card, publications, marketing, fitness model portfolios and social media. Distinct sizes and formats will be needed. Get them all!

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Lifestyle pictures to help tell their story online!

Your customers want to see your brand behind the scenes. They wish to know precisely what you do throughout the day. What motivates you? What’s the story of your brand?

And more importantly, can they connect with you? So when preparing for a personal brand photography session, be sure these pictures tell your story! Have photos taken of yourself in your work environment, office, and laptop? This isn’t about perfection. Your clients do not care how amazing you look or your skills. They care about how you’ll make them feel when viewing your pictures and if they know, like, and trust you or not.

During your photo shoot

Throughout a personal brand photography shoot, the goal is to have a variety of pictures in a short period of time. To do that, you’ll want to have 2-5 outfits and as many props as you can pack. Put on an outfit, smile at the camera, and pretend to work on your laptop.

Horizontal pictures for the win!

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This is most likely the BEST tip I will give you! If you are online, your world is much more horizontal than you realise. Do not believe me? Take a look at your Facebook account and website just for starters! Your site headers? Horizontal. Is the timeline on your Facebook page as well? Horizontal.

Your website sliders and banners? Horizontal? Noticing the trend here. In reality, I’d suggest that: 75 per cent of your headshots should be horizontal! You’ll be setting yourself up with an updated professional headshot, which you can use for your website and for situations where you can add text overlays. These photos are outside of the traditional vertical portrait pictures and are much more practical than traditional portraits.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a professional headshots photo shoot. I’m here to help.



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