Why Head Shots Are Important

First impressions are paramount for success. They always have been, and they always will be.  What’s changed through the years is the medium where these impressions happen. In the world today, where immediate access to extra info is in demand, first impressions are your first encounter with prospective customers. Gone are the days of handshakes that introduced you or your brand to the world. Your on-line head shots are probably the very first experience a customer will see, and you might not have a customers attention for long.

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As an example, the latest research study from Missouri University of Science and Technology reported that it can take on-line users just two-tenths of a second to form a first impression. Two-tenths of a second! Which implies that at roughly the same time it can take to blink your eyes, you can either gain or lose a client. Because such a window of opportunity, it’s of the utmost importance to present your best self! A professional head shot can accomplish this aim of giving you and your brand special attention!

Why should you choose a professional photographer and not a Selfie?

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Taking a selfie of your headshot might seem tempting. Sure they are fast, easy, and cheap. We’re made to believe that our phones have the best technology available to us. So a selfie that best advertises you or your brand should not be a problem, right? Wrong. A quick selfie never gives you the best quality. They never convey you invested in yourself and your brand. They only communicate unprofessionalism, and important customers will surely respond accordingly in the two-tenths of a second they spend on your head shot. You’ll be quickly forgotten because your headshots let you down.

If you do not invest in your company or yourself, why should your clients? Professional head shots are an investment in yourself and your brand. Only a professional photographer can capture the perfection you want and your customer’s needs.

How should you be the best positioned for head shots?

You should stand slightly angled away from the camera. Never stand head-on. The angled position will make you look a bit slimmer, which helps stand out more in your head shot pictures.

What background is best for your needs?

It’s always a good idea to be photographed on a neutral background. First of all, you do not want the background from your photos to distract from you. Secondly, white and grey backgrounds will help blend onto the majority of social media sites and company websites.

What is the purpose of a headshot?

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A head shot can convey the right message to prospects and anyone searching for you online. Your online head shots are the first impression people have so you want to make sure it’s a positive one.

Should you smile in a professional head shot?

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You can smile or not smile. You should always be smiling with your eyes. The first thing we look at when we view a portrait of someone is their eyes. Your eyes need to be smiling; it makes you look more approachable and confident. Just think of someone who makes you laugh or a great vacation you recently went on.

Why are head shots so expensive?

Professional photographers have a lot of expenses in running a studio. Plus, you receive years of years experience not only from a technical side but a creative one also. Therefore, professional pictures are not as expensive as you think. They sure are a lot better than selfies or photos taken by your cousin. You know the ones.

Should I use props?

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Bringing props to your photo shoot is a great idea. Not only do they give you something to do during your photo shoot, but they can also help tell your story. For instance, if you are a musician or doctor, why not bring some tools of the trade to your shoot.

What facial expression is best?

A grin conveys approach-ability. Serious expressions convey determination.

These are all questions a pro photographer continuously addresses with each photo taken during the head shot session. The value of this attention to detail is a picture which conveys both professionalism and personality. Remember, you’re a personal brand! If you’re utilising a pro head shot, is it what really reflects your personality? Whether we would like to or not, we’re continuously changing, and our looks are no exception. The majority of the time, we don’t think twice about upgrading our on-line head shot after these transformations.

We look in the mirror and still see our self unchanged. Clients are sure to observe any changes. Upon finding you or your brand on-line, clients associate that picture to your brand and name. If you currently don’t look like what’s presented, clients will certainly fail to associate your name to your brand. You could lose important business due to an old head shot. Updating your present head shot will give a return on your investment while retaining customers!

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