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What To Wear To A Mens Photoshoot – Essential Tips For The Perfect Look

For any entrepreneur or self-made professional seeking to make their mark in today’s digital landscape, capturing their essence through personalized, high-quality photos for personal websites and professional networking platforms is essential. It’s not just about showcasing your appearance but also about telling your unique story and highlighting your personality.

When it comes time for a men’s photo shoot, the attire can be problematic. Choosing the right outfit may seem intimidating, but fear not; we’ve got you covered. Finding that perfect ensemble that complements your style and showcases professionalism doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge.

Professional branding is more than just a logo or tagline – it’s about cultivating an impactful identity in the professional realm. Your appearance plays a vital role in communicating this identity through visual storytelling. As you step into EyeMedia Studios for your Professional Branding session, setting yourself up for success with thoughtfully selected attire will elevate your brand image even further.

What To Wear To A Men’s Photoshoot – Top Tips For Your Photoshoot

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Key Takeaways

  • Pick clothes that fit you well. Clothes that are too baggy or too tight can ruin your photos. Make sure your outfit hugs your body just right without restricting movement.
  • Choose the right colours for your skin tone. Stick to recommended shades that make you look good on camera, like white, grey, blue, and denim.
  • Keep grooming in mind before the shoot. Ironing your clothes and ensuring your hair looks neat can significantly improve how professional and polished you appear in photos.
  • Add accessories and textures carefully. A watch or a simple bracelet can add sophistication without distracting you. Mixing different textures like linen with denim can create an exciting look.

Reflect on Your Personality and Industry

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Choosing what to wear for your photo session is more than just picking clothes. It’s about showcasing who you are and where you fit in your industry.

The traditional business headshot

For the traditional business headshot, I opt for a professional and polished look. A crisp, well-tailored suit in darker colours like navy or charcoal offers the perfect backdrop.

It speaks volumes about professionalism without saying a word. Pairing this with a light-coloured button-down shirt creates contrast and keeps the focus on my face – crucial for creating an impactful first impression.

I wear clothes that fit perfectly—neither too tight nor too loose. This ensures I present myself as put-together and attentive to details, traits highly valued in any industry.

Accessories remain minimal – perhaps a classic watch or subtle tie can add just the right amount of personality without distracting from the overall goal: presenting myself as a confident professional ready to tackle any challenge.

A man wearing a suit and tie

Smart/casual headshot

Dressing for a bright/casual headshot doesn’t have to be tricky. Aim for a look that mixes business with leisure – like pairing a blazer or suit jacket with a casual shirt underneath.

This approach works wonders, especially when conveying professionalism without appearing stiff or formal. Opting for solid colours such as white, grey, or blue can help keep the focus on me rather than my outfit.

Comfort is critical; therefore, choosing breathable and well-fitted clothing makes all the difference in front of the camera. Adding layers creates depth and interest in photos without distracting from my face.

For instance, wearing an Oxford shirt under a sweater or blazer effortlessly adds texture and style. Shoes matter, too—clean trainers or casual loafers can complete the look perfectly, ensuring I feel confident during my photo session while still looking my absolute best.

Creative headshot

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Moving from an innovative casual approach to something more free-spirited, let’s talk about the creative headshot. This photoshoot allows you to express your unique personality and stand out.

Think outside the box—maybe that means wearing a bold, patterned shirt or choosing an unconventional backdrop for your shot.

I enjoy the freedom a creative session offers. It’s my chance to wear colours like denim or green, which reflect my style while still looking polished. Accessories play a crucial role here—they add texture and depth to the photo.

I make sure everything fits well; nothing too baggy that might distract from the main focus: me. I always choose outfits that feel comfortable but look sharp on camera, ensuring I convey precisely who I am in this professional scenario.

Choose Clothes That Fit Well

A man in a sharp suit standing confidently against a city skyline.

Picking the right clothes for a photoshoot starts with fit – not too tight, but not baggy. It’s all about clothes that sit perfectly on you, making sure you’re comfortable and look sharp.

Proper fitting clothes

Wearing clothes that fit well is key for any photoshoot. I ensure my outfits hug my body just right, neither too tight nor too baggy, creating a flattering silhouette on camera.

It’s all about balance – clothes should complement your shape without restricting movement or looking oversized.

For the perfect look during photo sessions, I choose garments carefully. A well-fitted shirt and trousers speak volumes in headshots and full-length shots alike. By selecting pieces that sit comfortably and enhance my figure, I avoid unwanted wrinkles or awkward bulges that can distract from the main focus: me.

Keeping it simple yet fitted makes a difference in front of the lens.

Avoiding baggy or too-tight clothes

Moving from the importance of properly fitting clothes, let’s discuss avoiding extremes. Clothes that are too loose or snug can be a significant misstep for your photo session.

Baggy clothing makes you look more prominent and can hide your body’s natural shape, which doesn’t translate well in photographs. On the flip side, too-tight outfits might restrict your movement and create unflattering bulges, drawing attention away from your face—something we want to avoid during a headshot session.

Choosing an outfit that flatters without constricting or drowning you is critical. For instance, if you plan to wear a button-up shirt for a business casual look, ensure it fits nicely around your shoulders and chest without pulling at the buttons or hanging loosely.

This balance helps maintain a sleek silhouette which looks better on camera. Always opt for clothing that complements rather than detracts from your overall appearance; this way, you’ll ensure you look your best at your next photoshoot.

Consider Colours and Skin Tone

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Picking the right colours can make a big difference. It’s all about finding shades that complement your skin tone, ensuring you stand out for the right reasons.

Choosing colours that flatter your skin tone

I always tell clients that choosing the right colours can make a difference in their photoshoots. Sticking to recommended shades like white, off-white, grey, blue, green, and denim works wonders for men.

These hues complement most skin tones and ensure you look your best on camera. It’s all about enhancing natural features without overwhelming them.

Opting for these colours also means I help families coordinate outfits more easily when planning group or family portraits. The goal is to achieve a cohesive look that reflects everyone’s style and personality while ensuring comfort.

Keeping it simple yet stylish is key. This way, the focus remains on you, not just what you’re wearing.

Avoiding loud or distracting patterns

Choosing the right colours to complement your skin tone leads us directly to the importance of pattern simplicity. Loud or distracting patterns can pull focus away from where you want it—on your face.

It’s crucial for a portrait session, whether an actor’s headshot or a professional business profile.

Opting for solid colours or subtle patterns ensures nothing steals your spotlight. Think about pastel shades, light stripes, or simple textures that boost rather than compete with your overall look.

The camera catches everything; wearing uncomplicated clothing helps maintain attention on what matters most—your expression and persona. Keeping it simple works wonders for ensuring all eyes stay on you during your next photo session.

Grooming and Final Touches

Grooming is key to looking sharp. Iron your clothes and style your hair neatly for a polished finish.

A man wearing a suit and tie

Ensuring well-groomed appearance

I always look my best before stepping in front of the camera. This means I invest time in grooming. A well-groomed appearance can dramatically improve how confident and professional I appear in photos.

I iron my clothes to avoid any wrinkles that might suggest carelessness.

Accessories like a watch or a simple necklace can elevate the outfit without distracting my face. It’s about finding a balance that complements, not overpowers, making every detail count towards creating that polished look photographers and viewers love.

Ironing and avoiding wrinkles

Ironing your clothes before a photo shoot ensures you look sharp and professional. Crisp, wrinkle-free outfits convey attention to detail and care in appearance, qualities highly appreciated professionally.

Using a steam iron can make this task easier, allowing for smooth lines on more rigid fabrics like wool or denim—recommended colours for men’s outfits.

Avoiding wrinkles goes beyond just ironing; it involves proper storage and careful selection of fabrics that tend to resist creasing. Opt for polyester blends or knitwear when planning what to wear to your photo session.

These choices help maintain a polished look throughout the shoot, ensuring you present the best version of yourself without distraction from unkempt clothing folds. Remember, looking reasonable boosts confidence—a key ingredient in nailing that perfect shot.

Adding accessories and textures for a polished look

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I always say I don’t shy away from adding a bit of flair with accessories to elevate your attire. A watch or a simple bracelet can add a touch of sophistication without distracting from the main attraction—you.

I like to wear one standout piece that complements my outfit rather than overwhelms it. This strategy ensures the focus remains on me and showcases my style sensibility.

Textures play just as crucial a role in pulling together a polished look. A linen blazer or a wool tie introduces depth and interest to what might otherwise be a flat visual experience.

Mixing and matching textures—like pairing a smooth, light shirt with denim—creates a thought-through and intentional ensemble. It’s all about balance and choosing pieces that speak to who you are while ensuring they harmonise with the camera lens.


Dressing right for a men’s photoshoot isn’t just about looking sharp—it’s about showcasing your true self and feeling confident. Pick outfits that echo your personality and the vibe you want to emit, whether professional, casual, or creative.

Make sure everything fits snugly, choose colours that complement your skin tone, and pay attention to the finer details like grooming and adding some classy accessories. Your attire can transform the shoot from good to great, so take these tips on board for a look that’s not only camera-ready but uniquely yours.


1. What should I wear to a men’s photoshoot?

Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident for a men’s photoshoot. Wearing a blazer or suit can give you a semi-formal look that never goes wrong. Opt for darker colours as they make you look better and draw attention away from distractions.

2. Can I wear patterns or stick to solid colours?

Solid colours are usually recommended because busy patterns might distract from your face. However, if you’re feeling bold, one bright piece can add personality—keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

3. Is it okay to show off my arms in the photoshoot?

Yes, but it depends on the type of shoot and what you’re comfortable with. If showing off your arms aligns with the theme or brand you’re modelling for, go for it! Just avoid loose or baggy clothing as they don’t photograph well.

4. Should I bring different types of shirts to the photoshoot?

Absolutely! Bringing options is always a good idea—a collared shirt and long sleeve provide variety and let you switch between looks easily. Maybe throw in a turtleneck, too; it gives a neat neckline that photographers love.

5. How important is hair and makeup for my shoot?

Don’t underestimate the power of well-done hair and makeup—they complete your look! While not every shoot requires professional makeup, ensuring your hair looks tidy makes all the difference in headshot sessions.

6. Do you have any tips on choosing accessories for my outfit?

Choose accessories wisely; they should complement your outfit without overwhelming it—think classic over flashy. A simple watch or subtle necklace often works best; remember, less is more when drawing focus towards yourself rather than distracting elements.

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