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Swipe Left? Not With These Expert Tips For Men’s Online Dating Photos

Are you struggling to snag the right swipe on dating apps? You’re certainly not alone in the fray. Numerous chaps struggle to make their mark in the bustling online dating scene.

Your main photo serves as your initial handshake, greeting, and smile rolled into one. And let’s face it: In this digital era of love at first swipe, this image can either open doors or close them shut.

We’ve found ourselves in similar pickles, too. While perusing countless profiles, we couldn’t help but notice how swiftly someone could be overlooked if their profile didn’t immediately capture our attention.

Interestingly, Monday, 2 January 2017, was dubbed the busiest day for online dating across the UK! It shows how many folks are hopping onto platforms like Tinder in hopes of finding love—or something close enough.

So, with insights from seasoned experts and some investigative work on what truly resonates (and what falls flat), we’ve pieced together this guide for you. Whether dipping your toes into Tinder waters or aiming to up your Bumble ante, our suggestions are here to give your profile picture that much-needed lustre for those crucial swipes right.

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Key Takeaways

  • Smile and make eye contact in your photos to appear friendly and approachable.
  • Include outdoor shots to show off your adventurous side, as these are more attractive.
  • Avoid using group shots and shirtless photos, which can confuse or put off potential matches.
  • Add a full-body shot to give viewers a clear idea of your physique, increasing interest.
  • Keep away from cliches and choose genuine poses that reflect your true personality.

Why Your Online Dating Photo Matters

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Your online dating photo is crucial because it shapes your first impression and reflects your personality. Women often make quick decisions based on photos, making them a critical factor in attracting potential dates.

First impressions are crucial

We all know that first impressions count, especially in the digital dating world. Our brains make snap judgements based on what we see, and let’s be honest, in online dating, photos are the front line of making a great first impression.

A standout main profile picture can distinguish between a swipe right and being overlooked. It’s our job to make sure every photo tells a part of our story, showing off how we look and who we are.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Outdoor shots shine here because they often show us at our most relaxed and natural. They signal to potential dates that there’s more to us than meets the eye; whether it’s climbing mountains or sipping coffee outside your favourite café, these snapshots into our lives invite someone to want to get to know us better.

Let’s tackle what not to include in those crucial images.

Photos are a reflection of your personality

Your online dating photos say a lot about you. They are like your digital introduction card, showing off your unique style and personality. These pictures hint at your hobbies, interests, and even your sense of humour.

It’s essential to pick images that showcase the real you. Think of them as chapters in your life’s storybook, where each snapshot tells part of your tale.

Choosing the fitting backdrop or accessory can make a big difference, too. Outdoor snapshots, for example, attract more views and paint you as solid and adventurous thanks to their rugged appeal.

Each photo choice is an opportunity to share something meaningful about yourself without saying a word. So, selecting images that reflect the aspects of yourself you want others to see and connect with is vital.

Women make quick decisions based on photos

Moving from the idea that photos show who we are, knowing how quickly decisions are made is critical. We’ve noticed something interesting on dating sites and apps. Based on a man’s dating profile photo, women often decide fast if they’re interested.

We’ve been there ourselves, swiping through Tinder or checking out profiles on other dating platforms. It takes just seconds to form an opinion.

We’ve seen a pattern in the photos that makes us swipe left without thinking twice. Pictures of guys with sunglasses on or shirtless usually don’t catch our eye for long. It makes us question what they’re really about.

And we’re not alone; many women find these kinds of shots off-putting or too cliché. Our brains seem hardwired to prefer photos that clearly show someone’s face and suggest more about their personality than just their looks.

This quick judgment might seem harsh, but it’s part of the game in online dating life.

What Not to Do: Men’s Dating App Profile Starters

A man enjoying coffee in a busy city setting.

Avoid group shots in your dating profile; focus on showcasing yourself. Skip photos with children, as they can send the wrong message. Keep captions genuine and avoid overdoing it so your authenticity shines through.

To make a great impression, avoid blank profiles and height requirements.

Group shots

We’ve tried using group photos on our dating profiles, thinking they show we’re friendly and fun. Sadly, this tactic backfires more often than not. Women scrolling through Tinder or other dating apps prefer to immediately see who they’re potentially matching with.

A photo crowded with mates makes it a puzzle to figure out who’s who. Our advice? Keep those fun memories in your album but off your online dating profile.

Swapping out the group shots for solo pics has made a noticeable difference in getting more likes and matches. It sends a clear message about the profile’s identity, reducing confusion and increasing interest from women looking for someone like you.

Now, let’s talk about pictures with children and why including them in your profile might not be the best idea.

Photos with children

Putting photos with kids on your dating profile might be a great way to show your caring side. Yet, it’s tricky territory. Our advice? Think twice before using these pictures.

They might send the wrong message or confuse those swiping through profiles. It’s all about creating the right first impression.

Choose photos that showcase you and make sure they tell your story accurately.

Photos should reflect who you are as an individual. A snap with a niece or nephew at a birthday bash may seem harmless but can lead to assumptions about being a parent when you’re not.

Prioritise images where you’re the star; let viewers see your interests and hobbies directly without distractions.

Overly cheesy captions

We’ve all seen them – captions that try too hard to be funny or romantic. “Looking for my partner in crime” might sound cute, but it’s been done to death on dating apps like Tinder.

It’s easy to think these will make you seem charming or witty, but the truth is, they often do the opposite. We learnt this the hard way. In our early days of crafting profiles, we thought a sprinkle of cheese could work wonders.

Instead, it just made our photos blend into a sea of sameness.

Let’s keep things fresh and original instead. Our advice? Avoid clichés and think about what makes you unique. Share something genuine about yourself or your interests without sounding like a copy-paste job from every other profile.

You aim to catch someone’s eye, not have them rolling their eyes as they swipe left. Trust us; when we shifted focus from cheesy lines to more authentic captions, the responses differed between night and day.

It lets others know your physique and adds depth to your profile, showing off more than a handsome face.

From our experience, leaving your profile empty means missing out on potential matches. Think of it this way: would you swipe right on someone with nothing to show or tell about themselves? Probably not.

Your photo tells a tale, reflects your personality, and even hints at your lifestyle – all crucial elements in sparking interest. Don’t let laziness cost you the chance to find love or even just a fun date.

Craft a story with your picture; make sure it’s one where people can envision themselves joining in.

Height requirements

Let’s delve into the often debated height requirements in men’s online dating profiles. It’s important to note that a study found most women preferred men who are 6 feet tall or taller, but there is still hope for those below this mark.

Utilise angles and posture to appear taller in your photos, and remember that confidence can be just as attractive as height.

Moving on from this contentious subject, let’s explore expert tips for achieving the best dating profile photos.

Expert Tips for the Best Dating Profile Photos for Guys

A person sitting on a couch

Want your dating profile to stand out? Flash those pearly whites and make eye contact. Outdoor shots are more attractive, adding a touch of adventure to your persona. A full body shot will give potential matches a complete picture of who you are.

Use props and backgrounds that tell your story and avoid cliches or generic poses – authenticity is key.

Interested in learning more about presenting the best online image for dating?

Smile and make eye contact

When taking dating profile photos, smiling and making eye contact are crucial. A genuine smile and direct eye contact can create a welcoming and approachable vibe in your photos, making you more appealing to potential matches.

This simple gesture can convey confidence, warmth, and openness, all attractive qualities in online dating. So, don’t forget to flash those pearly whites and look straight into the camera to make a positive first impression through your photos.

Professional photographers often recommend smiling naturally with genuine happiness for the best results. They stress that eye contact is essential to connect the viewer and the person in the photo.

Outdoor shots are more attractive

When choosing the best photos for your online dating profile, outdoor shots make a lasting impression. Research shows that men’s profile pictures taken outdoors tend to attract more attention and receive better results.

Outdoor shots offer a glimpse into your lifestyle and hobbies, making you appear more approachable and engaging.

When capturing outdoor shots, make sure you’re taking full advantage of the natural lighting and diverse backgrounds available. These photos can help tell your story authentically, showcasing your interests while creating a sense of intrigue for potential matches.

Use props and backgrounds to tell your story

Props and backgrounds

convey aspects of your personality


visual narrative

Including these elements enhances your profile’s overall appeal and provides valuable conversation starters for potential matches. So go ahead and get creative with how you present yourself – it’s an effective way to make a memorable impression!

Include a full body shot

When crafting your online dating profile, it’s crucial to include a recent full-body shot alongside close-up photos. This helps potential matches get a true sense of your appearance and physique, letting them visualize if there’s a physical attraction.

Statistics show that profiles with full-body shots receive 203% more messages than those without, so make sure to add this essential photo to your portfolio.

Furthermore, the full-body shot should authentically accentuate your best features and physique. Avoid using overly staged or misleading images, as authenticity is key when creating connections on dating apps.

Avoid cliches and generic poses

When it comes to your online dating photos, avoiding cliches and generic poses is crucial. Instead of the typical mirror selfie or exaggerated group shot, opt for natural and genuine poses that showcase your personality.

Consider using props or engaging in activities that reflect your interests and passions, as this can make your profile more compelling. By steering clear of cliched poses and embracing authenticity, you can create a profile that stands out and attracts potential matches based on who you are.

In an era where online dating has become increasingly prevalent, it’s not merely about having good pictures but also about presenting yourself authentically through them. Diving into online dating requires tailored images designed to enhance your profile rather than conforming to generic expectations.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile

Are you making these online dating profile blunders? It’s not just about the looks; poor spelling and grammar can be a deal-breaker. Also, using outdated or misleading photos might leave your potential match feeling deceived.

Selfies on top of selfies

Selfies can make a great addition to your dating profile, but too many may not give the best impression. Instead of an array of similar selfies, mix it up with some candid shots and group photos.

This variety can showcase different sides of your personality and lifestyle, making your profile more engaging and authentic.

Poor spelling and grammar

Before we delve into poor spelling and grammar, let’s address the importance of presenting yourself in the best light. When crafting your online dating profile, paying attention to spelling and grammar is crucial.

Typos and grammatical errors can turn potential matches away. While texting lingo might be acceptable in casual conversations, a well-written profile demonstrates that you put effort into your presentation.

Spelling mistakes and grammar issues can create an impression of carelessness or lack of education, which may not reflect who you indeed are.

Remember, proper spelling and good grammar are essential for making a positive first impression on dating apps. Good language skills can enhance your overall personality while showing respect for others’ time and attention.

Using old or misleading photos

Avoid using old or misleading pictures when using photos in online dating profiles. It’s essential to ensure that the images you use accurately represent yourself.

Using outdated or deceptive photos may lead to misunderstandings and disappointment when meeting someone in person.

Seeking more than just a mere hookup on dating apps like Tinder means being honest about who you are. Presenting an authentic image of yourself through current and accurate photos is critical in attracting genuine connections.

Ensuring your profile reflects the real, present-day you set the stage for meaningful interactions and potential relationships.

Next, let’s delve into expert tips for creating the best dating profile photos for guys.

Including too many group shots

Including too many group shots can confuse potential matches. It’s better to focus on individual photos that represent who you are. After all, your profile is about you and should give others a clear picture of what you’re like.

Tinder users have shared their experiences with us, and according to them, group shots can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or uncertainty about who the profile belongs to.

This adds unnecessary complexity and might make people skip over your profile altogether. So, it’s best to focus on yourself when selecting which photos to include in your dating app profile.

Shirtless photos

Now, let’s talk about shirtless photos. These might seem like a good idea to show off your physique, but hold on! According to experts, using shirtless images in your online dating profile can send the wrong message and appear too showy or vain.

Plus, it may attract the wrong kind of attention and give off a superficial vibe you might want to avoid. So, when picking out your best online dating pictures, leave out the shirtless ones for a more genuine impression.

Creating an engaging online profile with appealing photos is not only about looking good but also about portraying yourself authentically while ensuring you’re sending the right signals without going overboard.


In conclusion, your online dating photo is your modern-day dating business card. Women make quick decisions based on photos, so putting your best face forward is crucial. Ensure your pictures show the person you want to attract and tell a story.

Avoid cliches and generic poses as they are turn-offs for women in online dating. Using our expert tips, you can ensure that your profile pics flatter and stand out from the crowd.


Q: What are some expert tips for men’s online dating photos?

A: Some expert tips for men’s online dating photos include using good quality, clear images, smiling with your eyes, showcasing your interests, and avoiding shirtless photos.

Q: How important are first impressions in online dating?

A: First impressions are crucial in online dating as they can make or break a potential connection. Your photos are the first thing someone sees, so making a positive impression is essential.

Q: Why should men avoid using group photos in their dating profiles?

A: Men should avoid using group photos in their dating profiles as it can be confusing for potential matches to identify who the profile belongs to. Using solo images showcasing you in the best light is best.

Q: What are some common mistakes to avoid when taking dating profile pictures?

A: Some common mistakes to avoid when taking dating profile pictures include using outdated or blurry photos, using filters that drastically alter your appearance, and including photos with an ex-partner.

Q: How can facial expressions impact the success of online dating photos?

A: Facial expressions play a significant role in the success of online dating photos. A genuine smile can make you appear more approachable and attractive, whereas a frown or blank expression may turn potential matches away.

Q: What are some essential body language tips for men to use in online dating photos?

A: Some key body language tips for men in their online dating photos include maintaining good posture, facing the camera directly, and using open gestures to appear more welcoming.

Q: Why is considering different angles necessary when taking online dating photos?

A: Considering different angles when taking online dating photos can help showcase your best features and give potential matches a more well-rounded view of your appearance. Experimenting with angles can help you find your most flattering poses.

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