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First impressions are essential for success. They always have been, and they always will be. That’s never going to change. What’s changed through the years is the medium where these impressions count. In the world today, where immediate access to info is demanded by everybody, first impressions are your first encounter with prospective customers. 

Gone are the times of initial handshakes that introduced you or your brand. Your on-line presence is probably the first encounter a customer may have. You certainly will not have their attention for long.

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For example, the latest research study reported that it could take on-line users just two-tenths of a second to form a first impression. Two-tenths of a second. This implies that at about the same time that it can take to blink your eye, you can either win or lose a customer. Since this short window of opportunity, it’s of the utmost importance to present your best self! A professional headshot can do this by positively presenting yourself and your brand!

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Professional headshots are an investment in yourself and your brand

  • Up your income
  • Tap into new revenue streams
  • Maximise your appeal to new customers and clients
  • Make new connections
  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Instantly make connections with people
  • Use our image -oriented visual age to your benefit
  • Quickly communicate what you’re all about

If you’re not invested in yourself, why should your potential customer?

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Why a Professional Photographer Not A Selfie?

Taking a selfie for your headshot might seem tempting. Sure, they are quick, easy, and inexpensive. We’re made to believe that our phones have the best technology available to us. So, a selfie that best advertises you or your brand should not be too much an issue, right? Wrong. Quick selfies are never the best quality for headshots. They never maximise your visual potential. They never communicate that you have invested in yourself and your brand. They only demonstrate unprofessionalism, and customers will surely react accordingly in the two-tenths of a second they’ll spend looking over your image. You’ll be quickly forgotten.


If you are currently using a professional portrait headshot, is it the most current version on how you look today?

Whether we like or not, we’re always changing, and our appearance is not any different. More frequently than not, we don’t think twice about updating our on-line headshot after these transformations. We look at the headshot and still see our self looking the same, and forget about it. Nevertheless, clients are sure to observe any inconsistencies! Upon finding you or your brand on-line, clients instantaneously associate that headshot to your brand and name. If you presently don’t look like what’s presented, clients will certainly fail to associate your name to your brand.

You lose business because of your headshots! Updating your current headshots will undoubtedly yield a return on your investment by keeping clients updated on name and brand associations!

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Top 5 Uses For Professional Headshot Photography

Excellent, clear professional headshots may do you or your London business a world of good, but only if you utilise it!

You should promote a London product or service directly to your client, especially if you’re the owner of a business. Then a pro headshot becomes your personal brand and something that your target audience connect and engage with.

You must get a great headshot to promote who you are. You then will need to use this over different media, so people get used to your face, as well as your brand and business.

Everyone knows that in this present day, people buy people. Consumers don’t just need to know precisely what they’re purchasing; they would love to know who they’re purchasing it from. This is where your professional headshots might help.

A smile conveys approachability. More critical expressions convey determination. How should I correctly edit the image? These are all questions that a pro photographer continuously addresses with each portrait headshot photo taken during your session. The result of such skilful attention to detail is a picture which conveys both professionalism and personality. Remember, you’re your brand!

  • Only a pro photographer can capture this.
  • How should you be the best version of yourself?
  • What background is best for your requirements?
  • What kind of light and makeup best compliments your appearance?
  • What type of outfit should you use?
  • Should I use props?
  • What facial expression are best?

So, what’re the top 5 most common uses of a pro headshot?

1. Your Web Site

Probably the most viewed page on your web site is going to be your home page. I’d advocate placing you or your staff headshots front and centre. Customers look at your organisation and what you advertise, and after they look at who they’re purchasing it from.

2. Blog Posts

In case you’ve good quality, engaging and fascinating blog posts on your web site, these will likely be shared with your audience. Make sure there’s a bio about you at the bottom of the website with your professional headshot picture. This may be another way the reader can feel more connected and engaged to the author, you.

3. Social Media

As we’ve stated, people buy people. On your social media, people don’t wish to talk to a logo. It feels like they’re talking to a robot. Instead, they would like to speak to you since this is made simpler with a headshot of you. You would not turn up to a networking event with your logo covering your face, so why do you network on social media this way?

4. Email Newsletters

We all receive loads of emails and newsletters weekly, some of the company names and offerings we’ll recognise and others we’ll not.

Adding a pro headshot at the top of your email newsletter will allow your newsletter to stand out. It’ll also help the recipient remember you because they’ve spoken to you or met you before.

5. Business Cards

Whenever we network, we now gather a lot of business cards from the people we meet. These business cards then move into a purse or briefcase and are viewed again a few days or a few weeks afterwards. By this time, we’ve forgotten who the individual was we wanted to follow up with.

Nevertheless, your professional headshot can help jog the individual’s memory, plus they’ll immediately remember who you’re and follow up with you. If you want to find some professional headshots done for you and your team, then please contact us today.

I hear people talk about what a portrait headshot does to you – photo myths to say. What is these photo myths, to be exact? To put things simply, these are misconceptions or ideas of what individuals think when they get their portraits headshot photo taken or when they are in front of the camera lens.

The most common myth is the camera captures the real you. Wrinkles, pimples, huge pores, even quoting the famous line: The camera adds 10 pounds! Therefore, when individuals have a look at their headshots, it is reasonable to see all your imperfections immediately. You observe every single one of your flaws and wrinkles along with the things you hate about yourself before seeing how decent of a corporate headshot it really is. This is quite normal. People today want to look like celebrities, particularly when they are paying you good money for it.

To get around this fantasy and to be capable of getting in touch with the perfect photo about you, you can speak about your insecurities and goals with your headshot photographer. Trust me; we hear it all the time. A specialist headshot photographer will be capable of using light, shadows, and posturing to restrict the things about the photo you’d like not to attract attention to.

Photo Myth .2: I do not appear sincere in my headshots. I look like my smile is fake.

Loosen up, we are not here to judge you – but instead to assist you in achieving what do you want for your headshots. Relax, joke around a bit, so you turn up to be more like your normal self. Talk to us on the phone or face to face to get a little more comfortable before booking a London headshot session, so you get a feel for working with us.

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Also, talk somewhat throughout the session in case you seem like the photographs are not looking fantastic; it is the photographer’s business to make them look great. An adequate grin will work easily if you allow it. To learn more on the way to get some fantastic pictures of yourselves and to book your very own headshot session, please get in on 0207 251 8997.

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