Professional photographer tips on photographing women

Posing Tips For women Photo Shoots

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Having a professional photo shoot for some can be a nerve racking experience. That's why we have put together a guide that can help any woman be more confident and at ease during their photo shoot. Even if it's your first time in front of a camera or you have done it before, these simple tips will have you more energized and prepared during your photo shoot session.

Angles matter

There is rarely a photograph I have seen that was taken of a woman from a low angle. Regardless of the shape or size of the woman we are photographing, this is not a good angle.

On the flipside, we see that when you shoot from above even at an angle that is slightly down, it can be quite flattering for the woman, especially if she has a fuller figure.

Posing: Chin

When it comes to photographing woman, and at times even men, this is my number ONE posing tip. Even if I am shooting an assignment that is behind by two hours and I have no time for elegant or elaborate poses, this is a tip that I always follow. So what is this tip? The chin is always down and out, picture a turtle.

You may be wondering what the deal is with the whole chin down and out tip. For the most part, people always hear that they must sit up straight for the camera when having their picture taken. Although this advice may be sound, it not necessarily the best because what will happen is generally not only will the person sit up straight; they will also tighten their neck and lift their chin. What you have now is a lost jawline and a photograph of looking up someone's nostrils. This is something I am pretty sure no own wants.

By lowering your chin slightly and slightly push it out, naturally the jawline is lengthened and accentuated. Any double chins that may be present will also be eliminated, and you will avoid the above-mentioned nostril shot. Keep in mind that the chin down and out is a position that is not natural, it is normal for anyone to feel unnatural while doing this and there may be an odd facial expression that displays this discomfort. It is crucial to know that even though you are aware that this feels weird, you know for a fact that it looks great you will later be doing this in all of your selfies.

Posing: Curves

When photographing women, this tip is of utmost importance. Most women feel the most beautiful and sexy when their curves are visible. When you pose, make sure that all of your curves are accentuated. When posing, pretty much bending everything that can possibly be twisted is the easiest way to accentuate your curves. Here are a few simple posing tips during a photo shoot that accentuate your shape:

  • If Sitting during your photo shoot - Sit at a slight angle away from the camera and on the edge of the chair. Avoid fully seated in the chair. Uncrossed with the front leg, the one that is the closest to the camera only a bit lower than the leg behind or crossed at the knee are the best positions for your legs. Arms can be used as a filler. If the belly area needs to be covered, perhaps you can rest your elbows on your knees. The shoulder closest to the camera should be slightly pushed up. Never neglect the chin!
  • If Standing during your photo shoot - Make sure you are angled away from the camera. When trying to accentuate your curves, you should never photograph straight on. By having yourself angled away from the camera, the curves in your back and chest will be visible and if you are facing you straight on, they will not. All of your weight should be placed on your back foot; your front foot, should be pulled close to your back foot and front knee should be slightly bent. The front knee must be pointed with your body┬┤s angle, not facing the camera or else the visual curve in the knee will be lost.


Most people overlook this posing tip. This is where it is both a blessing yet a curse. It is a blessing because the hands are something I always pay attention to. It is a curse because the hands are always something I pay attention to and when hands look weird, it drives me crazy!

You can either break or make a photo with hand placement. When posing, pay close attention to your hands. Make sure they look light and natural. If it seems hard to relax your hands and let loose, then do something with them. Twirl your hair, lightly touch the side of your face, wrap your hands together and place them in front of your body, run them through her hair, etc. No matter what you go with, never forget about the hands.

Final tip from our professional photographer

WOW! That is a lot to bear in mind, do not let this make you feel overwhelmed. As with everything that is related to photography, the more practice you get, the more natural it will feel. Our professional photographer will keep an eye out for all these details so you can concentrate on your expression and the image you would like to project.

We also have written a complete posing guide that can help you prepare for your photo shoot.

So do not worry about carrying a posing guide around with you if you feel it will help. Or maybe bring in an assistant or friend that can help you with all the little details. In the end, our professional photographer can help you feel gorgeous at your photo shoot.