London Photographer Tips for Mens Photo Shoots

Taking pictures of men is very similar to photographing women - or is it?

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The latest research shows that the most important factor that attracts a woman to a man is his overall sense of style - more than his handsome face, height, or anything else. This little bit of info makes it easier for our London photographer when it comes to photographing a man. In fact, our photographers have some control here because they all come from strong fashion backgrounds. A photographer can control the elements that lead to the appearance of his/her subject. Even if a man is wearing not the ideal clothes, the photographer can help the subject achieve a style that is more modern, flattering, and attractive. So many photographers these days only focus on the face of the subject and completely forget about the styling of the subject. But that is what is really going to get noticed in the photograph.

You do not need an elaborate wardrobe to get great photographs of yourself. Just a few simple outfits that fit well and are ready to shoot. No creases or stains on your outfits.

Meet our expert

London Photographer - Bill Gidda

Our London photographer Bill Gidda has over 20 years experience in the fashion and music industry and has photographed all over the world including North America, Asia and Europe. Bill is also the founder of EyeMedia Studios and brings his vast amount of knowledge to photo shoots.

The photographer should know what to highlight when photographing a man. It is important to light and pose the subject so that the best features are expressed in the photograph. Your portrait photographer needs to know what strikes the most about his/her subject.

EyeMedia Studios always welcomes when a client can send a couple of photos beforehand so that we can better prepare for the session. This is a great way for us to learn about the best features of the client before the photoshoot. This can have a big impact on your lighting, camera angles, the styling of the shoot, and even retouching.

here are some tips and things to expect on your photoshoot

  • Breaking The Ice - Whatever type of photo shoot you have, make sure to make light conversation with the photographer. This type of friendly conversation is important for you to relax which is essential for a great photo.
  • Know what you want - If you want a portrait photograph, make sure you are aware of the objective of the photo. Do you want to look sexy, friendly, professional, trustworthy or tough? How are the photographs going to be used? Make sure the photographer is directing you in the right way to achieve the look you want.
  • Be in your Element - If there is time and resources, you can take a few shots of something you really enjoy doing. If you play guitar, have a few shots with your favorite guitar or anything that comes to mind.
  • Keep Active -  Some guys may be nervous on their photo shoot and you might start looking a bit stiff on your shots. You need to try a variety of poses to loosen up. If there are other people in the shoot, you can engage with the them in some of the poses. You can adjust your posture from standing to sitting or vice versa. Remove your jacket and hold it in a few different poses. Try to relax in both ways - visually and internally.
  • Have A Good Posture - The posture is one of the most important things when it comes to male portrait photography. You should look masculine in the picture. Place your shoulders back, tighten the abdomen and the chest up. These postures are essential for a good male photograph.
  • Looking Past The Camera -  Make sure to have a few shots looking past the camera instead of directly into the camera. Since the eyes are important to communicate what you are currently feeling, looking away can give it that candid feel.


WOW! That is a lot to bear in mind, do not let this make you feel overwhelmed. As with everything that is related to photography, the more practice you get, the more natural it will feel. Our professional photographer will keep an eye out for all these details so you can concentrate on your expression and the image you would like to project.

We also have written a complete posing guide that can help you prepare you visually and mentally for your photo shoot.

So do not worry about carrying a posing guide around with you if you feel it will help. Or maybe bring in an assistant or friend that can help you with all the little details. In the end, our professional photographer can help you feel gorgeous at your photo shoot.