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What to expect on the day of your photoshoot

Showing up for a photoshoot can leave you feeling a little apprehensive, maybe a tad nervous as you may have no idea what to expect. Don’t worry, you’re NOT alone. Hopefully this article will help prepare you for what to expect on the day at our photoshoot studio.

Prior to your shoot we will be in contact with you to work out the details as to what type of a shoot you would like to do as well as how you should prepare. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help in these areas, it’s what we’re here for. Knowing these details will help you know what you should bring to your shoot.

What you will learn in this article

  • What To Expect
  • Tips For Your Photo Session
  • Our Process

Arrival at our photoshoot studio

Make sure you arrive a few minutes early, and ready for your shoot. Sessions are scheduled in time slots and you don’t want to lose valuable minutes getting ready or because you don’t arrive on time.

Your photographer will give you a basic run-down on how the shoot will go, when you will do outfit changes and help you choose which outfits will work best at our photoshoot studio.

From there you will walk around and your photographer will guide you as well as help pose and direct you.

Things to keep in mind:

When your shoot is over:

At the end of your session, your photographer will show all photographs taken during your photo shoot and burn your images on to a disk for you to take home (this will vary on which package purchased). For any images that need retouching, arrangements will be made for you to email us the photo id number you would like airbrushed and will be emailed to you within 7 days of your request. (We can sometimes arrange a faster turnaround time for retouching, we will let you know before your request)

Hair and makeup

Hair should be groomed/ styled yet should still look like you. Nothing too drastic from who you normally look like unless you want to go for a whole different look. Makeup should be applied a little more than your average everyday makeup as lighting tends to wash people out and you will not be able to see it as much in photos. Having your hair and makeup professionally done by our team can also be included depending on which package you purchased.

Would you like to learn more? Get in touch with us or check our Professional Headshots London photo shoots out to learn what we can do to help make your first impression the right one with a professional headshot!

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