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Video Production Services

Helping individuals and businesses amplify their brand’s reach

Anyone who’s paying attention has noticed that YouTube has become an incredibly popular website. There are currently over 6 billion videos being viewed every month, and the number is only going up. That’s nearly a full hour for every single individual on planet earth. And no, not all of them are videos of kittens.

Benefits Of Video For Brand Recognition



Our Proven Process Produces Results


  • Briefing
  • Concept Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Shot Listing


  • Filming And Content Creation
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Client Feedback


  • Final Edit And Grade
  • Encoding
  • Website Upload
  • Final Artwork

It’s vital that the video infrastructure is set up before anything else happens. Pre-production is the step where we lay out a specific plan of action for your business. We look at ideas for video concept, what kind of overall feel the video should have, writing and editing scripts, casting actors, and everything else necessary to film a video.

Lights! Cameras! Action! This is the part of the plan where we begin to produce the video we’ve set up to create. We gather up our resources and start to build upon the infrastructure we set up. If we did it right, then an amazing video will begin to take shape. This is the part where you’ll be most thrilled you hired a professional production company, as well. Our professional crew can direct the video, helping to coach the actors to get the exact showing of emotion your video needs. They can decide what camera angles to shoot from and which lenses to use to make the video portray the right theme and mood. Our skilled tech crew can operate efficiently, hitting lighting cues and stage commands like a well-oiled machine.

If you think of creating a video like baking a cake, pre-production is the part where you figure out what ingredients you need and collect them together. Production is when you follow the recipe you’ve planned out to turn the ingredients into a cake. Sticking with the metaphor, post-production is dressing up the cake with icing and perhaps a cute design. Much like cake decorating, how much post-production is necessary depends highly on what kind of video you’re trying to make. Some require an enormous amount of work, where as others you can simply cover it with a jar of cherry sauce and call it a day. During post-production, the video is edited. The different parts that have been filmed are cut together in a way that makes the video take the shape it’s meant to take. This is also where things such as background music, sound effects, and green screen effects are put into a video.

After we finish post-production, we give you a copy to review. It’s during this time that a revision can be done.

This revision has to be within the confines of the original agreement. If what you want to be changed would require an entirely new pre-production phase.

Once the revisions are made, we give you the final cut. Once the contract is signed, you own all rights to the video. We may request permission to keep it in our portfolio, but otherwise, you can legally use the videos for a number of different venues. We ensure your stories can be told via the internet, trade shows, or even a short broadcast television commercial.

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