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Our creative professionals work on all types of imagery from photography to video while providing extremely fast turnaround times.

Business PR Photo Shoots

  • Photographed At Our London Studio
  • For Individuals And Teams
  • Perfect For Entrepreneurs And Businesses

Actor Headshots

  • At Our London Studio
  • Professional London Photographers
  • Perfect For Actors Needing To Start A Portfolio Or Updates

Professional PR Photo Shoots

  • At Our London Studio
  • Professional London Photographers
  • Perfect For Dancers, Models And Individuals

Musician And Band Photoshoots

  • At Our London Studio
  • Professional London Photographers
  • Perfect For Bands And Musicians

Quality Services

Our photography services & core values

We understand the bespoke nature of every shoot yet there are some constants you can rely on when working with EyeMedia Studios. We guarantee to include a senior lifestyle/fashion photographer, top of the range camera, studio space and equipment. 

Preparation will get the best out photo shoot


Try different poses and keep the ones you like in your repertoire. Always look for new sources of inspiration. Look at other professional portraits to get some ideas before you book your photo shoot.


It can be difficult to get a pose that looks natural. You can take an excellent portrait by figuring out a good pose to try by finding the best angle for your face. A great tip is to practise in front of a mirror.


You can create the right feel for your portrait by being photographed with the right camera angle. Ask your photographer during the photo session to choose an angle that is flattering for your body type and face shape.

Professional Photo Shoot - A person holding a phone - Photography


There are different ways to use props for a professional photo shoot. You can try placing your hands in your pockets or leaning on against a wall. This is a good way to look more natural and interact with your environment. Always experiment with different poses during a professional photo shoot. Think about bringing some props to you photo session. You might think props are for kids and fun photo shoots, but they are often used in fashion and glamour shoots. Why not use them for your professional PR photo shoot?

Professional Photo Shoot - A woman wearing a black dress - Lens flare

Stay Confident

Your pictures will shine if you look confident and comfortable. Be in a positive frame of mind during your session. Try different looks before getting your portrait taken. Your hair and makeup need to look just right, or you might feel self-conscious. You also need to find the right clothes for your session. It is important to feel good about your body. It will be difficult to relax and look good in your pictures if you feel self-conscious about your body or your looks.

When Should You Have Your Professional PR Photoshoot?

We think everyone should get new PR headshots taken every year or every two years. Your headshot should be up to date and reflect who you are. Your headshot needs to represent you as a professional and also emphasise your talent. EyeMedia Studios always take the time to talk to our clients and learn more about where they work and what they want their portrait to say. Clothing, backgrounds, expressions and locations can help in telling the right story.

Professional Photo Shoot - A close up of a woman - Hair


You need to be mentally prepared for a photo shoot. Relax and don’t hesitate to ask questions or tell the photographer about what you want. You cannot get a good portrait taken if you do not communicate with the photographer. Your photographer will probably ask questions and direct you but don’t hesitate to give your input.

Professional Photo Shoot - A woman standing in a dark room - Photography

Be Active

 Speak up if you don’t like the way the photographer is telling you to pose. You will end up looking uncomfortable in your pictures if there is something you are not happy with. Choose a pose you like best and don’t hesitate to try a few different things that might be out of your comfort zone.

Professional Photo Shoot - A woman with red hair looking at the camera - Blond


Stay hydrated before getting your pictures taken. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking heavily before the photoshoot to avoid looking tired.  You can use an ice cube wrapped in a soft fabric to get rid of puffiness on your face if your session is booked early in the day. 

Professional Photo Shoot - A woman wearing a white shirt - Photograph


Take time to relax before the photo shoot. Don’t worry about what the result will look like. Focus on relaxing and looking happy in front of the camera. Take a few minutes to chat with the photographer and to get to know them before getting your picture taken.

Professional Photo Shoot - A person standing in a dark room - Photo shoot


Practice is important. Don’t expect to be able to pose like a model right away. Take some time to practice. Experiment with different poses in front of a mirror before your photoshoot. Have a friend take some pictures of you if you want to see what different poses look like on camera.

Professional Photo Shoot - A woman standing in a room - Photo shoot

Choosing A Photographer

Taking portraits is an interesting job, but it is also a challenging one. Anyone can snap a picture. Finding the right pose and capturing the right expression is not easy. The role of a good photographer is to bring out the best in you during photo session.

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