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To be taken seriously today, first impressions are crucial. Your professional photographs need to tell a story and work for you, not against you. EyeMedia Studios have helped thousands of soon to be models and established models achieve that critical message that can be seen in your photographs. That's the reason why personal branding is more important than ever and why you need to invest in yourself.

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Tips For Getting The Perfect Modeling Portfolio Created


In an industry that is obsessed with aesthetics, the “packaging” of your portfolio must look professional. Get a professional-looking case, usually with black leather covers, that projects a professional image.


According to several models, photographers, and modeling agents from various agencies that I’ve talked to, the preferred photo size for a model’s book is 9×12 inches that will fit nicely into 9.5×12.5 sleeves.


The number of pictures you put in a book largely depend on the number of great shots that you have. It could probably be anywhere from 12 pictures or less, and maybe even 40 photographs or more.


The real purpose of a model’s portfolio is to showcase, within your genre, a range of looks, your experiences, as well as ability and talent as a model. In your book, therefore, it is not enough that you show changes of outfits.


The sequence of presenting photographs should be in proper order. Your book begins with a clean and simple head-and-shoulder image. This is usually a well-lit image taken in a studio.


Variety and individuality of each image within your range is key. One way to achieve this is by working with different photographers, hair-and-makeup artists, stylists, designers.


Photographs in a portfolio must appear consistent: same size, same dimension, same print style, same everything. Throwing in images of various sizes and types might result in an unattractive visual array.


When making a personal presentation, let the images speak for themselves. You can bring up bits of information about the shoot when asked, but keep your answers brief and to the point.


Coming up with a good portfolio is just the first step. Keeping it updated and relevant is another. Your portfolio should always look fresh, new and exciting. Every so often, you should add new photos and replace the old ones.


You can begin or just keep and maintain a single copy of your portfolio, which you can bring and show around. In time, you might feel the need to create duplicates so you can circulate your book to more people.


You cannot leave your portfolio behind. Or, when your portfolios are in circulation, it is understood that it will be returned to you or you should get it back, normally, within a week or so. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t leave anything behind.


In this day and age, the Internet is a good way to showcase your portfolio. One way to do it is through, now one of the most popular portals for models. Having an online portfolio is an efficient way of showcasing your works and talents and potentials as a model.


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Also check out our article on what to expect on the day of your photo shoot.

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