Does your headshot truly work for you or your business?

Professional headshot photography can help push out the message that you take your company seriously, and every little detail is significant to you. It inspires trust, particularly when the headshot pictures you or your team have been professionally photographed.

Regardless of what sort of business you are in, the headshots on your website tell prospects tons of things, like if they are dealing with professionals or not. First impressions count, whether we like it or not. But you can use this to your advantage by optimising your headshot, so it more accurately represents the values you want to communicate.  In other words, you need to become brand YOU.

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What's a pro headshot picture?

Producing the professional headshot picture is an art after all. Image in photography is Everything. It is the character, a body, a face, an expression. For that reason, it is an expression and your energy that conveys realism, credibility and character all through photography.

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Our pro quality headshots will help you:

  • Up your income
  • Tap into new revenue streams
  • Maximise your appeal to new customers and clients
  • Make new connections
  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Instantly make connections with people
  • Use our image -oriented visual age to your benefit
  • Quickly communicate what you’re all about

Surprisingly, the life span of a headshot is 2-3 years

Your headshot

First of all, your professional headshot picture is your ambassador. When someone meets you in person, they’ll expect to see the person they met. Good photography can bring out the best you in your headshots.

Therefore, what impression will they form in case your headshot differs from your appearance? Maybe not a great one.

Simple backgrounds work best

You have to worry about the background, light, wardrobe, hairstyle, smiles and look. Particularly, the wardrobe and styling would be to complement your style, not too overwhelming. Equally important is the photography background that’s either plain or out of focus. 

Thus, the photography background shouldn’t stand out; the eyes of the beholder should focus on you. Most templates for web sites are white or off white for headshot pictures. For that reason, a pro headshot can incorporate fairly seamlessly directly onto many web sites and social network platforms. 

For that reason, white or grey photography backgrounds fit the bill. Additionally, this makes them work best across viewing platforms.

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Here are ways you could make your headshot pictures look more professional.

Pick your best photos

Everybody should have their headshots edited. Don’t hesitate to do this because it’s common practice. It would help if you used tools like Adobe Photoshop to make your headshot portraits look more professional. Sort through all the headshots you took. Each pose must have at least five versions so that you can better decide which one is best. Among the 5, look cautiously at the light, the grin, along with other facial expressions. Pick the most flattering one.

Since you’re going to use the headshots for your company, there is no need to put fancy effects. Having professional headshots on your site or business profile sets your staff in their best light and gives a favourable impression for the business. Additionally, it improves your brand image and somehow creates a personal connection. Your social media followers will need to put a face on the individuals behind the company, and using a professional headshot sends a positive message. These headshots that you take may also be utilised on your social media pages. It’s a way of putting yourself out there and announcing that you’re a trustworthy firm, and not afraid to show your face. 

What is energy?

In this instance, somebody who would like to be in front of the camera. Also, the ability to offer a wide range of expressions and behaving naturally. This creates good commercial energy, generally with a great natural grin. Therefore, the viewer feels the energy of the eye projected right into the lens. Accordingly, the headshot should look natural and not over-styled.

Setting the professional headshot mood

To start with, setting the mood is about being calm. Therefore, a fantastic way to start your photography session is using music. Ask the headshot photographer to play music that will help unwind you.

The purpose of a professional headshot

Your headshot needs to communicate warmth, confidence and authority. Your headshot photographer should help you pick the best headshots. The reason being, it can be quite overwhelming to choose them on your own at the photography session.

The following is a list of strategies which may have you selecting the right headshots such as a creative director.

Remind yourself to be detached.

Before you take a seat to review your shots, take a deep breath.

For the next hour, you are not looking at headshots of yourself: you are looking at headshots of someone targeting X, Y, Y, Y, and Z.

Write down your goals and sub-objectives. Have the list in front of you while you are reviewing the headshots.

Select based on expression, essence, message, and position alone.

That flyaway hair may be cleaned afterwards, but your expression in the shot is fixed. The detachment mentioned previously has to come into play. In a perfect headshot selection session, you are ignoring this bump on your nose which only you detect or your infant hair or that pesky eyebrow or marginally smaller left eye. Instead, you are focused on energy, authenticity, and the message leaping off the screen. Your photography session is now starting to be fun because of your London headshot photographer this his job.

Be methodical, one look at a time

As you scroll through your portraits, concentrate on one sub look at a time and forget the rest. In case you are searching for a comedic character, that is all you are looking for at this time.

Stay away from hesitant and insincere expressions

I cannot stress this enough. Pick shots that convey what you’ve to offer, what you do better than others. It does not serve you to select a shot which does not truly represent you. Your London photography shoot should of come the way you expected. Your London headshot photographer should also give his favourite selection during photography shoot viewing.

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