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Top Tips For Couple Photo Shoots

Why do so many people find being in front of a photo camera unnerving? All of the doubts regarding your hair, outfit, and body pour out during a photo shoot, and people regret the booking as soon as it begins. However, a successful London photographer will make you feel less anxious by chatting and making the setting comfortable.

Successful photography sessions will show you and your best friend or favourite person in the perfect setting with you completely naked – emotionally naked that is.

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Here's 3 Tips That Will Make Your Couples Photo Shoot More Memorable

Terrified you will receive the images and view them to breathe a deep sigh, but not of relief. This is the result of an unsuccessful photo shoot with wonderful responses. The ‘camera’ smile is evident, and there is no real sign of emotion towards you and your favorite person. It’s a state of disappointment.

As a professional photography studio, it is our job to place ourselves in our client’s shoes and create the emotion you want to be portrayed in your photographs.

Emotion feeds on emotion, and if we are nervous, the chances are high that the clients will be nervous. As a warm and comforting professional studio, our clients will feel comfortable and show high levels of confidence during the shoot. Energy begets energy and excitement.

It is important to remember that direction and comfort in the photo shoot will contribute to the effect on the photograph. To photograph amazing pictures, it is important to point out the two constants available from any session. The first is to create an atmosphere of trust with casual emotions; the second is not to create an atmosphere with nervousness and regret.

So, how can we create natural moments that are aesthetically pleasing with vast amounts of personality that aren’t too staged? It begins with comfort and fun for clients during the sessions. This is simple to achieve with children and infants by making silly jokes or kissing faces. Adults are slightly more complicated to manage.

While children are easy to entertain, an adult’s concern for their appearance is more important to them than their level of entertainment. An adult does not want to appear awkward or unattractive, and this will increase the anxiousness of the environment. It is a hard task to manage, but below are some tips to deal with these feelings at your photo shoot.

1. Begin With Movement At Your Couples Photo Shoot Session

From the moment you start the photo shoot to the moment you take the first photograph, you should need to progress from ‘off’ to ‘on’ without any warm-up. This may not seem fair to any person and providing individuals with some assistance can be useful. If you begin with some simple movement, such as walking to and from the camera, it gives you time to warm up and become comfortable with the setting.

By becoming comfortable with the setting, you can become used to the camera and will not need to put a posy smile on immediately. This will provide you on how you operate and hear instructions before the photo shoot session officially begins.

2. Get Direction

Some of the stories mentioned from our clients involved in a couples photo shoot session with their fiancé where the photographer provided barely any direction whatsoever. While they were comfortable having my photograph taken, they cannot read minds and were not able to follow direction. Unfortunately, in the end, they were required to do their own thing, and in all honesty, they mentioned the photos were not satisfactory. Their photographer was not professional, and this showed in their photographs.

As a professional photo studio, we believe providing our clients with direction or instructions. For us, we know sometimes the clients are more afraid of not knowing what to do. Therefore we always interact with all our customers and make them feel as we are there to make sure we get the pictures they are looking for.

3. Continue Talking During The Session

In the majority of photo sessions, an experienced photographer will spend the first 10 minutes of the session talking to their clients. This 10 minutes is used to get to know the customers and help make them as comfortable as possible in the photograph setting.

Contrary to belief, this time spent talking is not time wasted because our clients become more comfortable with the photographer through chatting. Chatting can promote comfort and confidence and allow more intimate moments to be available in photographs.

It is simple to pose a couple before a camera and then take a few photos, but how does this portray emotion? Is it possible to place emotion and personality in this type of image? No. A successful couple’s portrait session is one that tells a story.

It is the duty of a successful photographer to tell the story truthfully and authentically. To capture such a unique tale can be magical and everlasting.

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