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Types of professional fashion photo shoots we provide

Fashion Ecommerce

Our professional portraits can help individuals and businesses

Fashion Brochures

Our professional portraits can help individuals and businesses

Fashion Lookbooks

Our commercial photo shoots are great for brands and companies

Commercial In-store Posters

Our commercial photo shoots are great for brands and companies

Good Photography As A Powerful Branding Tool


It is essential for your business and brand to produce beautiful photography.  No one wants to purchase due to ugly photos; lack of story, poor composition and bad lighting can all have an adverse impact on your brand.


Although many upcoming brands have a tendency to do their own photography, you need to be careful regarding the look you want to create to tell that story.  You also have social media platforms and a website that are active and require fresh content. 


However, working with a photographer is similar to any other kind of professional relationship.  The individual becomes a business partner of yours; your photographer is the person who will help you communicate your brand visually and grow your business. 

Different types of fashion photo shoots

If you decide that you or your business needs to have professional photo shoots done, then you need to determine which type of photo shoot will convey the right message.

Working With A Fashion Professional Photographer And Studio

From our initial meeting you have with us, you will already know when you will receive the final photos by. EyeMedia Studios will always be upfront with the turnaround time for your fashion shoot project. That way you can plan and will not be disappointed if you need to have photos sooner than later.

What will professional photos allow you to do. The answer is, sell your designs, and that will, in turn, increase the amount of money you make.

Our Fashion Photography Checklist

We will supply all the necessary equipment for the photo shoot you have requested. If we don’t already own it, then we can always rent it.

  • Will meet the deadlines you have agreed to in advance
  • Be responsive to any emails you send
  • Will provide you with any content that you decide on before the shoot
  • Set the shooting schedule
  • Hire and direct the models
  • Edit the images as per contract with fast turnaround times

Understanding Our Client’s Needs

When working with our team, everyone works within their area of expertise.  When you are first getting started, you sometimes need to do everything on your own due to finances; you often have to be the PR rep, graphic designer and pattern maker and so much more when you are just beginning.  However, we recommend that once you can take it to the next level financially, that you do so.  

Our clients are experts at knowing their brand and design; the photographer is the photography expert.  When we work together as a team, we can turn out an outstanding product.

Our Professional Fashion Team

If your company is an accessories brand, you might want to get a stylist to work with, who can bring in a wardrobe that highlights your accessories. You just want to make sure that the clothing doesn’t take away attention from your accessories in the photos due to poor planning when it comes to the wardrobe. If you are going to use a prop stylist, then allow money for a stylist’s day rate, in addition to expenses incurred for obtaining the props.

We Can supply the following:

  • Photographer
  • Studio
  • Models
  • Hair Stylist
  • Makeup Artist

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